Bathroom makeover: how to give your sanctuary a glow-up

give your bathroom a makeover like this room

Cleanliness and tidiness are important to guests, a recent survey revealed. Give your bathroom a makeover with these handy tips and get it looking fresh and clean again.

Bathroom makeover on your To Do list? It can’t come too soon. A recent study by bathroom experts Sanctuary Bathrooms revealed that 61% of Brits judge other people’s homes by appearance and cleanliness. The horror! The bathroom is one of the easiest rooms in the home to become cluttered and tired. This can also make it look unclean, even if you spruce it up regularly. 

Searches for ‘how to create a luxury bathroom’ are also up +200%. So Sanctuary Bathrooms have put together tips on how to give your bathroom a mini glow-up. Follow them, give your bathroom a makeover, and you’ll have a bathing space to be proud of without having to renovate.

a bathroom makeover
Your bathroom makeover is sure to impress visitors to your home. Photography: iStock.

How to give your bathroom a makeover

Clear out the clutter

Firstly, it’s all too easy to let empty shower gel and shampoo bottles pile up in the cupboards or shelves. Or perhaps you have ugly cleaning supplies visible around key areas? We know they’re useful, but this can make your bathroom look claustrophobic and messy. Start by gathering up the empties. Then throw them all out, shrinking down the items and creating more space. 

When decluttering, gather everything you know you won’t use, even if there is product left in it. Or consider prioritising using up the product to help save money along the way, and getting rid of the packaging in the process. Alternatively, think about whether friends or family can make use of the product. If you do end up throwing out bottles, wash them out first, then check to see if they are recyclable.

a bathroom makeover
All bathrooms look much more spacious when uncluttered, so give your bathroom a makeover. Photography: iStock.
Be selective with storage and display

Similarly, having lots of multicoloured, half-full product bottles on display in the bathroom can misalign the colour scheme. Consider which of your bathroom products fit your desired colour scheme and prioritise having these on exposed shelving. Place your most aesthetic products on a sleek exposed shelf when carrying out your bathroom makeover. 

If you have a little money to spare, consider purchasing clear bottles to decant excess product into, to get rid of unsightly product bottles.

a freestanding bath and some exposed shelving
Be selective about what you display in your bathroom. Photography: iStock.
Replace tired towels

Towels can provide a lovely decorative touch, as well as fulfilling the everyday purpose of helping us dry off. Heavy use of towels can see the threads wear over time, leading to them looking tatty. They can even develop marks and stains that are tough to get out. Like the sight of grime, mould and scuffs and marks, it can give guests a negative impression.

Bear in mind that 79% of Brits* admit they judge other people’s homes, and 45% say a dirty bathroom would make them think less of someone. So a bathroom makeover is essential.

Invest in new good-quality towels that match your colour scheme to instantly freshen up the space. This will make it more inviting for both yourself and guests. And why not separate personal and guest towels too? Display them on a tidy, tiered towel rack.

But don’t throw old towels away. They can come in handy for numerous activities around the home, such as cleaning cars, pets, polishing shoes and buffing up brassware. Or you could just use them as spares if you ever need them.

bathroom makeover
Brand new soft fluffy towels will give your bathroom makeover a touch of luxury. Photography: iStock.

Give your sanctuary a glow-up

Add some bathroom-friendly plants

Plenty of plants love moist environments, and lots of them need little light. This makes them perfect for bathrooms as they inject some genuine greenery and pleasant aromas. Over a third of Brits (36%) say that the smell would be the first thing they notice in someone’s home. So adding some floral scents, colour, and also oxygenating the room for mental stimuli could improve moods, as well as freshen a space up. The best plants for bathrooms include:

  • Snake plants – these require little maintenance and can survive with little light during the summer
  • Eucalyptus – hanging this in the shower while it’s running helps the plant release essential oils. These can act as a decongestant and smell lovely at the same time, while also making your shower look less industrial
  • Heart-leaf philodendron – this plant loves to be kept damp. It also thrives in humidity, making it a great choice for bathroom greenery. In addition, it’s a trailing plant, meaning adding it to a shelf will add dimension to the space
a plant in a shower
Give your bathroom a makeover by adding plants to your space. Photography: iStock.
Jazz it up with new fittings and fixtures

If you have a little cash to spare, give your bathroom a makeover by refreshing some of the décor. This can really revive a bathroom and provide it with a new lease of life. From a simple lick of paint to changing accessories and fixtures such as taps, shower fittings, toilet brushes and roll holders. Even a new bath panel (if you have a bath with a panel) can help create a new look, or simply create a more cohesive theme. For example, switching from chrome to brass can help change the dynamic and style of a room.

But less is more. Try to match the smaller accents such as taps and toilet brush holders for a subtle way of tying in your bathroom’s theme.

a basin with chrome tap
Match your fixtures and fittings with your accessories for a sleek streamlined look. Photography: iStock.
Revamp the walls with new tiles

Inject some style into your bathing space and give your bathroom a makeover by placing new tiles on the walls. Not only does this give it a clean new look, but it also offers the opportunity to make your bathroom your own by trying a new colour or style.

Too much pattern in a small bathroom can make it feel claustrophobic. If you want to include some funky tiles, consider only putting them on one wall, such as the one behind your sink. This will keep the space nice and open.

Mark Fullilove, Digital Marketing Manager at Sanctuary Bathrooms, says:

“Like all spaces around the home, after a while it is quite easy for the bathroom to get tired. Items can lose their sparkle, and some of us can get bored of the décor in our spaces.

“Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to give your bathroom a whole new look without the expense of a new refit. Whether that is accessorising the space, changing the finishes and giving the room a new lick of paint. Or even just updating some of the fixtures and fittings.

“Biophilic design and bringing in nature is also a hugely popular trend at the moment. So even adding plant life can bring new energy and a spa-like appearance to your home. This is a low-cost solution to providing something a bit different.”

We hope this has given you lots of new ways to give your bathroom a makeover. Here are some great tips on creating a spa bathroom.

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