Cosy autumn decor: six design tips for a snug home

As the darker nights draw in, many of us are searching for ways to make our homes feel cosier. Searches for ‘making my home cosy’ are up by +200%. So we thought we’d give you six tips on nailing cosy autumn decor.

Cosy autumn decor? We’ve got you. Flooring and interiors experts at Tapi have put together six tips to make your home extra cosy this winter without breaking the bank, from mixing up textures to adding mood lighting. 

From adding mood lighting to mixing up the textures in your home, these tips will help you make your home feel welcoming and cosy, ready for colder days.

Firstly, place candles around your home

Placing candles around your home adds a warm light, perfect for rainy days and cosy autumn decor. There is a sheer abundance of inexpensive candles in all scents and colours. Choosing neutral tones will help in adding that extra cosiness to your home. Picking candles with earthy scents, such as sandalwood or lavender, can add a calming and luxurious feel to your home on those chilly evenings. And if you’re worried about fires, you can always use flickering LED candles instead and reed diffusers for scents.

cosy autumn decor
Richard Pomeroy x Bramley winter candle, £50, Bramley.
Secondly, add mood lighting with fairy lights

You might already have some stored away from last year’s Christmas decorations, but fairy lights can add that cosy autumn decor feeling. Opt for fairy lights with warmer tones to add the perfect, warming feel to any room. Additionally, if they’re solar-powered, they can be recharged in the light near a window during the day. So this will make them an inexpensive addition to your home.

confetti gold fairy lights
Confetti gold fairy lights, £31.50, Sparkle Lighting.
Thirdly, mix up textiles for cosy autumn decor

Stocking up on blankets for cuddling up on the sofa is a must when it comes to cosy autumn decor. Adding textured cushions in warm, neutral tones provides an even more welcoming feel. If you’re on a budget, both cushions and blankets can often be purchased second-hand in charity shops. You can often find unique pieces to suit your style. Also, keep an eye out for sale items you might like.

cosy autumn decor
Sustainable wool blankets, £135, Tartan Blanket Co.
Fourth, use natural materials

Natural materials such as wood can be used to add an additional rustic, cosy autumn decor charm to any home. Maybe you found a small interestingly shaped branch on your last walk, or the carpenter nearby has some offcuts left over for a small DIY project? These pieces make for unique decorations and add to your home’s flair. 

rustic placemats
Set of two natural woven round placemats, £32, Washein.
Then add lots of plants

Sticking with natural decorations, plants are a must-have for cosy autumn decor. Not only do they increase the quality of air in your home, but they also add a pop of greenery and homely feel to any space. Check specific care instructions before buying, as some plants may prefer a shady spot whereas others require full sunshine. Pick the ones that are best suited to your space. 

cosy autumn decor
Autumn 2022 modern rustic trend, Ivyline.
Lastly, decorate your walls with pictures 

If you’re staring at a blank wall when sitting on the sofa, then it’s time to bring in some cosy autumn decor. Add your own photos and paintings to your gallery. If you want to add picture frames, take a look at inexpensive wooden options. Or, you could mix-match your finds from a charity store.

Another option is to teach yourself to macrame a boho-style wall hanger to add some dynamic decoration to your wall. You’ll find dozens of instructions videos online and could spend rainy days working on your new wall piece.

abstract print on wall
‘Seize the Day’, red and black abstract fine art print, Claude & Leighton.

And finally…

Commenting on how to fill your home with cosy autumn decor, Joanna Constantinou, Brand Director at Tapi, says, “With the autumnal months drawing in, many of us may be spending more time in our homes and craving the need to cosy up our space with the changing seasons. From simply switching your cushion covers for more autumnal fabrics to adding the pumpkin spice candle to your hallway for the real seasonal scents, there are plenty of ways to adapt your home this season on a budget.

“Choosing suitable flooring can also be a great way to add that additional touch of comfort to your home. Softer types of flooring, such as carpets, are a great choice to help create a warm and inviting space. Not only that, but carpet can also provide insulation when fitted with the right underlay, to help save money on energy. Alternatively, if you have wooden floors, adding a rug can be a great way to add that cosy feeling. At Tapi, we also offer a whipping service, so if you have large offcuts from a carpet, you can easily and efficiently turn these into a rug.”

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