Gender neutral nursery ideas for a magical bedroom

a green and colourful gender neutral nursery

If you have a baby arriving soon, or already have a little one who isn’t into pink and blue, don’t worry. Here are all our best gender neutral nursery ideas.

For those who don’t want to find out their baby’s gender before birth, gender neutral nursery ideas are a blessing. Or even for those who know the gender but who may want to avoid the traditional gender stereotypes of pinks and blues. Or maybe you already have a little one who needs their own room? Whatever your situation, it can be tricky to decorate a nursery in a neutral way.

Thankfully, UK baby brand Nuby has given us tips on how to create a stylish, gender-neutral nursery that keeps both baby and parents happy.

a gender neutral nursery with a large hot air balloon bed in white and gold and furniture in gold, green and white
Gender neutral nursery ideas: How amazing and fantastical is this? Royal Nursery with Air Balloon bed and animal theme inspiration, Circu.

How to create the ultimate gender neutral nursery

Some parents don’t want to find out the gender before the baby is born. Others want to avoid gender stereotypes and explore a colour palette outside the traditional pink and blue.

Designing a gender-neutral nursery provides you with more opportunities and options to create a calm and serene space for your arrival.

Here, we explore how to create a stylish gender-neutral nursery that pleases both the baby and the parents.

a children's bedroom with a large bed, a teepee tent and assorted furniture all in white and gold
Gender neutral nursery ideas: Kids Teepee Tent Lace Leaf Cotton Play Mat, Cattywampus.

Gender neutral nursery design ideas: Work out the best layout

Before you even start designing the nursery room, have a look at the space you’re working with to determine what’s the best layout.

Placing the cot diagonally across from the door, not right opposite it, will promote a feeling of safety for your baby while they’re sleeping. Also, avoid placing the cot underneath the window, as that can disturb your baby’s sleep.

a gender neutral nursery featuring a neutral and orange colour scheme with a big print of a fox on the wall
Gender neutral nursery ideas: Super Fox! Little Heroes Animal Print, £13, Ink & Drop.

Choose your colour palette

Use calming colours, such as pastels, as they are associated with rest. They can be the basis for your colour palette and are also gender-neutral friendly.

Neutral tones can be a great starting point. Light grey is a popular nursery room tone because it’s both stylish and calming. Whites, creams, and nudes are also great colours to consider.

Mix things up by creating an accent wall. From adding a pop of colours, such as pastel yellow or mint, to painting geometric shapes or adding wallpaper, you can easily elevate the spirit of your gender-neutral nursery.

a nursery featuring pastel and natural colours and a dinosaur print in lime green along with other animal accessories
Gender neutral nursery ideas: Dinosaur Digital Poster, £3, Folksy.

Design the nursery according to a specific theme

If you’re feeling extra adventurous, you can design the nursery room according to a specific theme. Since the conventional princess pink and sailor blue are off the cards, you’re left with various themes to choose from.

The nursery theme not only adds character to the room but also plays a vital role in your child’s development. By not focusing on a gender-specific theme, you aren’t reinforcing certain gender stereotypes. On the contrary, going for a rainbow theme, for example, can promote diversity and love for all colours.

The theme can also have educational purposes. A jungle theme, for example, can teach your baby about the abundance of the animal world. In addition, they can even start naming the animals they see around their space when they’re learning to speak. A space theme, likewise, can spark their interest in the cosmos and the planets. While a travel theme can ignite the wanderlust in your little adventurer.

a gender neutral bedroom featuring furniture, bedding and a rug in olive green, taupe, black and white
Gender neutral nursery ideas: The Edit bunk bed with storage, £800, Little Folks Furniture.

Gender neutral nursery design ideas: Furnish the nursery

Luckily, most baby furniture is already gender-neutral and available in white and wood options.

As the cot is the room’s centrepiece, choose one that makes a statement. Warm wood tones are ideal for a more bohemian look, while pale colours and soft curves make up a modern nursery design.

Keep in mind that your baby will quickly outgrow its cot and other furniture, so pick one that grows with your child. There are many newborn cots that turn into beds. Also changing tables that turn into dressers and desks, and infant chairs that become adult desk chairs. This is a great way to opt for longevity and promote sustainability.

Moreover, switching from newborn essentials to preschool clothes and accessories requires more storage space. Investing in convertible furniture is a great way to secure it.

a white and wooden nursery featuring a white cot and lots of brown and gold accessories
Gender neutral nursery ideas: Vox Canne Baby Cot Bed 3 Piece Nursery Set, £1262, Cuckooland.

Gender neutral nursery ideas: Accessorise

Make the nursery room even more fun with gender-neutral decorations.

Canopies are a great way to add character to the room and create a very welcoming atmosphere. They also make for the perfect play corner or a reading nook as your little one grows.

Hanging wall art, such as prints and macrame, can also tie the whole space together. You can match it with the theme, or if you’ve gone for a neutral palette, use it to add an accent to the design.

Adding texture can also create a more cosy and tranquil space, putting the whole theme together. Play with different fabrics and colours by choosing a soft carpet, light curtains, cushions, and blankets.

Designing your baby’s nursery room is an exciting family activity many parents look forward to. If you want to escape gender stereotypes, these ideas will help create a calming yet styling nursery room for your little angel.

a dark green children's bedroom with a white storage unit and zig zag rug and walls
Children’s Bedroom Storage Unit with Cupboards and Fabric Panels, £1015.50, Shelved.

Featured image: Hidden Treasure wall mural, £37 per sq m, Wallsauce.

Need some more inspo for children’s bedrooms? Then here are some practical design ideas for yours.

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