Interior design ideas: New Year’s styling resolutions to live by

an interior design image of a neutral bedroom with a large beige double bed with bedside tables either side and two gold pendant lights above them

It’s New Year’s Eve, so the time when we all make resolutions for the coming year. I’ve now been editor of These Three Rooms for nine months, so thought I’d reflect on this happy time. Here’s what I’ve learned during my time here (which is thankfully not over yet!). I thought my design resolutions might also inspire you.

Interior design ideas: I started the role with a lot of them. I was very specific about what I loved: minimalist, modern, neutral decor with a luxe touch. We’re talking white handleless kitchens, brass and gold accents, crystal door knobs, all neutrals, minimalism… But being bombarded with gorgeous interiors press releases all day changes your style – well, a bit. I’ve learned to appreciate all kinds of different styles, from maximalist to Shaker. So here are my styling resolutions to live by…

1. Interior design ideas: Know what your core style is

OK, so I’ll probably always be Little Miss Minimalist, and that’s fine. Neutral colours make me feel calm and zen, and I’ll always prioritise plain over print and clarity over clutter. But knowing what your core style is when it comes to interior design ideas doesn’t mean you can’t experiment. You’re not betraying your true self by branching out a little! You only have one life, so why not be a little adventurous? Even if it confirms to you that you’re actually happy sticking with what you know and love.

an interior design image of a neutral open-plan apartment with a beige sofa, beige marble dressing table and beige rug
Interior design ideas: Cassia Modular Sofa and Ceylon Side Table, Caffe Latte.

2. Don’t be afraid of colour

Maybe, like me, you think you don’t like interior design ideas involving colour. But maybe you do: you just haven’t found the right colour palette yet? For example, my home was wall-to-wall neutrals until I discovered this dining table and chair set in John Lewis. Sadly they’re no longer available, but I can’t imagine life without them now. They add a gorgeous pop of colour to my kitchen (which, I confess, is white and handleless…)

a bright kitchen extension with skylights, bifold doors and a glass dining table with six colourful glass chairs
Interior design ideas: Ariane’s kitchen, colourful chairs sadly no longer available from John Lewis.

3. Resolve to appreciate interior design ideas you don’t love

Before I became editor of These Three Rooms, I was like ‘Yuk yuk yuk, dark rooms!’. I was all about light and bright and airy vibes. But now I can appreciate the stately elegance of interior design ideas featuring anthracite or navy. Likewise, I was all about the minimalism, but these days I can look like an image like the one below and realise it’s gorgeous.

an interior design image of maximalist floral wallpaper in shades of dark blue, green and pink, behind two blue and pink chairs and an orange sideboard
Interior design ideas: Wildlife Botanical Bee wallpaper in Dark Blue, £99.99, Lola Design.

4. Experiment with different textures

You know what was a huge surprise to me this year? I discovered I love wall panelling! And that even though I skew modern when it comes to interior design ideas, I love the traditional aspects of my Victorian house. I’m talking cornicing, coving and antique architraves. So be openminded about trying new textures (well, new styles in general). And if you don’t have those features in your house and would like them? You can always cheat and install them (I won’t tell anyone!)

a large traditional room full of neutral decor and white wall panelling
Orac Decor W123 Autoire 3D Wall Panels, £38.99, The Wood Veneer Hub.

5. Crush on social media platforms for interior design ideas

This year, I learned to love Pinterest. I found it hard to get to grips with at first, to the extent that I asked our content creator Irina to manage our account on it! But you know what? There are so many amazing ideas on there, and on Instagram too. Browsing them will really help you hone your design sense and learn what you like and what you don’t. It’s all a journey, my friends, so have fun and don’t be afraid to take risks – most mistakes can be undone. Happy New Year!

a phone screen showing different social media apps you can use to browse interior design such as Instagram and Pinterest
Go on, immerse yourself in social media – you have our permission! Photography: iStock / stockcam.

So, we hope you enjoyed this feature on interior design ideas. If, like Ariane, you also love minimalist design, then you’ll enjoy our interview with influencer Faye Winter.

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