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    Planning permission: getting permission as a first-time renovator

    planning permission

    Planning permission was first on the agenda, but where to start with a grade-2 listed property? Luckily I knew a friend who had some walls replaced in the garden of her listed town house. So I started by talking to her. “Join the Listed Property Owners’ Club (LPOC),” she said, which turned out to be great advice. The club offers support and advice to its members as well as insurance catered specifically for Grade-1 and 2 listed properties. So this

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    First Time Renovator: starting out

    first time renovator cottage

    I love old houses. The one I grew up in was 500 years old. The heating creaked the floorboards at night, the walls were slightly warped and (to my sister’s terror) there were spiders in almost every nook and cranny but each wonderful imperfection has somehow rooted itself in my childhood memories

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