Home improvements: here’s what buyers are looking for

a row of painted houses as an example of home improvements

Here are all the home improvements buyers are looking for in 2022. This list is worth a look if you’re planning to sell your house at some stage.

Home improvements are probably on your radar to improve your time in your current house. However, they’re all the more important if you’re planning to sell. So are you thinking of putting your home on the market? Or perhaps it’s a maybe at some stage? Well, 2022 has highlighted some key home improvements that homebuyers have at the top of their must-haves list. It might therefore be worth splashing a bit of cash on them.

The experts at home improvements company Stormclad in the East Midlands have been keeping an eye on the market. They’ve compiled a short list of products and ideas they think homeowners should consider investing in. These will add value to your property before you sell.

John Evans, managing director at home improvements company Stormclad, said: “We have certainly had some scorching hot days this summer!”

a cottage in summer to illustrate home improvements
Homeowners often hanker after home improvements during a summer in which they didn’t enjoy the improvements. Photography: iStock.

“It’s always the way at the end of summer that we look back and think ‘it would have been so nice if we had had…’. Many homeowners will now have new bi-fold doors or new windows on their list of ‘home wants’. This is because they’ve missed them this summer. And chances are if they’ve missed them, those currently house-hunting will notice these home improvements’ absence too when they come to view.

“It’s worth the investment to upgrade a few things before homeowners sell, if they can afford the time and short-term cost. Lockdown has had a huge impact on what homebuyers are looking for now. Also, trends in home improvements are constantly changing and adapting to what’s going on in our lives. So it’s definitely worth keeping up if you can, and especially if you want a good price for your home when it’s time to sell.”

Home improvements: kitchen extensions

Kitchen extensions are on-trend this year when it comes to home improvements – unsurprising considering we were cooped up for so long. According to Location Location Location’s Phil Spencer, Google Trends data showed that on the first day of the first lockdown, there was a significant spike in house extension searches. During the pandemic itself, new kitchen extensions and renovations increased by 23%. Right now, they can increase your home’s value by an estimated 5% to 10%.

An expansive kitchen will not only mean you can accommodate large social gatherings with ease and flexibility. It will also allow a wave of natural light into your home which will open it up even more. Your sense of wellness is sure to reap benefits too as this is one of the loveliest home improvements.

a kitchen extension
Keylite Flat Roof Lanterns come with Active Clear 1.2 U-Value glass. Glass upgrades, bespoke sizes and colours are also available. Prices start from £1,177, Keylite.

Bi-fold doors

Next on the home improvements list: think about investing in quality bi-fold doors. Why not buy a new set to lead out into the garden?

The market for bi-folds is currently booming and is estimated to grow by around £600 million by 2025. Bi-folds offer a seamless transition between the cosy security of your home and the outside, so you can enjoy both the outdoors and indoors. 

Investing in quality, modern and particularly aluminium bi-folds will mean homeowners don’t have to worry about insulation or running up the heating bill in winter. Bi-folds are thermally efficient, secure and durable and most can be made bespoke according to your requirements. This most versatile of home improvements will therefore match the aesthetic of your home effortlessly and be the perfect fit.

bifold doors
Composite Prime® HD Deck Dual 150.

Windows and front doors

For that all important kerb appeal, it’s essential when selling a home that the windows and front doors are well-kept and fresh-looking. Windows and doors are the very first thing anyone on the hunt for a house will see. So even a fresh lick of paint is a great start to help improve its overall appearance. In fact, homeowners could see a loss of £5000 off their potential sale price if their paintwork isn’t up to scratch. Also, we’re after home improvements, so make sure you choose a sensible colour!

To increase the value of your property, it’s worth upgrading your doors and windows to brand new fitouts. Composite doors are a particularly popular and affordable option as they combine multiple different materials. Timber and robust-thermo plastic ABS skin (the same plastic used for Lego!) blend to create a much stronger overall material.

When it comes to windows, consider modern double-glazed casement windows for quality insulation, energy efficiency and classic style. We’re sure these home improvements will hold their value.

a row of painted houses to illustrate home improvements
Keeping your paintwork looking fresh and pristine is the key to making a great first impression on your buyers. Photography: iStock.

Living spaces and home offices

Many more people work from home these days. If you don’t already have a dedicated home office space, it’s worth ensuring there’s a clear space that could be used for this. How about making use of your conservatory or spare room or extending your kitchen? Enlarging your living space as much as you can will make your home a real winner. 25% of UK residents said that they wanted to move to a bigger property in the past year, so why not yours?

an office as an example of home improvements
So many people work from home since the pandemic, at least for part of the week, that creating an office space is wise. Photography: iStock.

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