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kitchen accessories

Kitchen accessories make a kitchen. Sure, it’s lovely to have beautiful cabinetry, but you also need stunning cookware and accessories to put in it. So we’ve done an edit of some of our favourite kitchen products which are perfect for cooking and entertaining.

Kitchen accessories: my kitchen is chock full of them, to the extent that I recently gave away 12 bags of them to make space! No doubt I’ll be filling those cupboards again soon though, because I’m addicted to buying stuff for the kitchen. So here’s my wish list of products I think you’ll want to splurge on too.

Cast iron cookware

Firstly in our kitchen accessories roundup: if you have a green kitchen, you’ll love this cast iron range of pans from ProCook. If green isn’t your thing, they also come in 10 other colours, from orange to blue. There’s a wide range of options too, including a compact cocotte and varying sized round and oval casserole pots. Then there’s a shallow casserole dish and numerous skillets and grills. In addition, they handle temperatures up to 260C and come with a 25 year guarantee. What’s not to love?!

kitchen accessories
The cast iron pan range in green, from £25, ProCook.
A power blender

Secondly: do you love baking? How about making ice cream or purées? Then this blender will do all the hard work for you – always a plus with kitchen accessories. It has a 1.8-litre capacity and an ice cream setting. It’s available in silver or black and features a special stainless steel cross-blade to make its blending more precise than ever. It also has ‘Piranha serration’ for durable sharpness, so be careful when washing it!

smart blender
Enfinigy power blender in silver, £349, Zwilling.
A smart carafe

Thirdly, the simple yet pretty filter carafe is ideal for your kitchen. It’s designed to improve the taste and quality of water and to remove harmful substances from tap water. So it filters heavy metals, chlorine, drug residues, oestrogen and other coarse particles like microplastics, leaving you with delicious clean water. It comes with a clarity pad made of activated charcoal, which replaces around 240 water bottles and reduces up to 63kg plastic waste a year.

kitchen accessories
Lucy filter carafe, £49, Waterdrop.
A pair of chic servers

As kitchen accessories go, these salad servers are among the most luxe. Of course, you can use them for fruit and veg, but they’ll also serve up almost anything, from stir fries to rice dishes. Crafted from stainless steel, they’ll go wonderfully well with the Domo gold cutlery set (featured further on).

salad servers
Bloomingville Dotti black and gold salad servers, £32, Beaumonde.
A bamboo cheese board with cheese knives

Are you a cheese connoisseur? Then you’ll love this set, which is perfect for parties and entertaining. Crafted from sustainable, eco-friendly 100% bamboo wood, the cheese board boasts a concealed slide-out tray, which neatly stores a set of specialist cheese tools. These include a Stilton knife, Cheddar knife, hard cheese knife and cheese fork – all featuring durable stainless steel blades and sleek bamboo handles. A lovely addition to your set of kitchen accessories.

cheese knives
Bamboo cheese board with cheese knives, £24.99, Vonhaus.
A pair of iridescent champagne glasses

Celebrate in style with all the colours of the rainbow by clinking these champagne glasses. Fusing a traditional long-stemmed glass shape with a fun iridescent finish, these stunning glasses will be the talk of the town. They’re so dreamy, your friends will be jealous of this pair and all your other kitchen accessories.

kitchen accessories
Iridescent champagne glasses, £14.99, BTFY.
A fine bone china dinner set

Wedgwood make some of the finest dinnerware in existence, and this elegant 16-piece dinner set is no exception. Its simple white colour will suit any decor, yet it’s also embossed with a stylish modern hexagonal pattern for an added touch of class. A gem among other crockery and kitchen accessories.

wedgwood china dinner set
Gio 16-piece white fine bone china set, £285, Wedgwood.
A sleek gold cutlery set

This glossy cutlery set is hand-crafted and hand-finished. Its pure stainless steel is 18/10 (this means 18% chromium and 10% nickel), a combination which is rust-resistant and keeps it shiny. This blend is then complemented by 24k matte gold. We love how modern this set is, with its clean lines and sleek finish, and will hold its own among any other kitchen accessories.

kitchen accessories
Domo Matt 16-piece cutlery set by Vista Alegre, £420, Micucci Interiors.
A set of professional knives

Lastly: this sleek knife set includes paring, utility, chefs, bread and carving knives, all housed in a magnetic oak knife rack. They’re made from German X50 stainless steel with a high carbon content, so their blades will stay sharper for longer. With triple-rivet contoured handles and anti-slip, they’re easy to hold and control, so would be a great addition to your set of kitchen accessories. And like the cast iron set, they also come with a 25-year guarantee.

kitchen accessories
Professional X50 Chef 5-piece knife set and magnetic oak knife rack, £119, ProCook.

You may love kitchen accessories, but do you have enough storage for them? If you’re after handy ways to create more storage space then read our kitchen storage feature.

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