Prepare your pizza oven and get ready for outdoor entertaining

a cooked pizza being taken out of a pizza oven

A pizza oven is a gorgeous addition to your outdoor kitchen, and is sure to impress guests. So here’s how to get yours ready for entertaining.

Wondering how to prepare your pizza oven and get ready for outdoor entertaining? So are many people. Over the past year, online global searches for ‘pizza oven’ have seen a 19 per cent growth. UK Google searches for ‘outdoor pizza oven tables’ have increased by 70 per cent. This proves Brits are no longer wary of cooking and entertaining outside all year round.

With the global outdoor pizza ovens market expected to reach $402 million by 2027, it’s transforming our alfresco eating habits.

a silver pizza oven on a table
Coastal Calm Ooni Karu pizza oven, £299, Dobbies.

Planning to turn your garden into a pizza party space to enjoy football with friends or throw a festive celebration? Then now is the time to prepare your pizza oven. Organise your cooking station and add a pizza oven table to your outdoor entertainment set-up.

Leigh Start, operations director at The Metal Store, shares five top tips on getting your pizza oven station ready for entertaining. 

Prepare your pizza oven: Pick your choice of pizza oven

“First and foremost, selecting what kind of fuel you want is key to choosing your pizza oven. Do you want gas powered, electric, charcoal or wood-fired? There’s such a variety of different ovens on the market right now to achieve the type of pizza you want to make.

“If you’re wanting that authentic Neapolitan pizza taste, go traditional. Opt for a brick pizza oven which will give you that fantastic wood-fired and slightly charred edge flavour. It’s just like you get at Italian restaurants.

“Alternatively, stainless steel is the highest subtopic in online UK searches for outdoor pizza ovens. So opt for this sleek finish if you’re wanting a modern and rust-free oven.”

a black gas powered stove outdoors on a kitchen worktop
Le Feu Turtle gas pizza oven, £799, Cuckooland.

Get organised with equipment

“Having your pizza-making tools, fuel and equipment nearby makes the pizza cooking process much easier.

“As you prepare your pizza oven, make sure you’ve got the essentials at hand. These include pizza peels to safely place your pizza in and out of the oven, and rakes and brushes to move wood in the oven. And also a decent pizza spinner and cutter!

“If you’re making your own pizza oven table, Q Clamp hooks are a fantastic way to hang your utensils. They ensure that they’re right by your side should you need them.

“If you’re hosting a large number of people, start your pizza party off right with a topping station for maximum flavour combo creativity to personalise pizzas for your guests. And don’t forget serving boards to serve your freshly baked pizzas in style!”

a silver gas-fired pizza oven outdoors on a silver worktop
DeliVita pro gas fired oven, £4000, Garden House Design.

Prepare your pizza oven: Choose the best spot in your garden

“To ensure safe pizza making and easy access to inside, choosing the right spot for your pizza oven station is key. Especially if you’re entertaining guests outside too!

“The size of your garden will obviously play a big part in where you place it. But try to pick a spot with enough clearance around the sides for safe pizza making.

“Whether it’s incorporating the oven into your already existing BBQ area or turning your garage or garden shed into a pizza station, there’s so many ways to incorporate it into your outdoor entertainment.”

a silver wood-fired stove outdoors on a sunny day
Fontana Riviera wood-fired pizza oven, £2599, Naken.

Prepare your pizza oven: Serve up in style with your bespoke table

“The ideal pizza oven table needs to be sturdy, heatproof and big enough to house all your pizza-making tools and ingredients.

“From easy-to-assemble to more bespoke set-ups, there are many options to choose from. Strong, stylish tube clamp tables are perfect for fitting into your space and come loaded with additional benefits.

“Plus, the metal tubes are perfectly suited for outdoors with its added protection from the corrosive elements!

Q Clamp fittings are perfect for easy-to-assemble tables, without the hassle of complex tooling or expensive tradespeople. So you can prepare your pizza oven and get on with enjoying delicious pizzas in no time!

“Alternatively, if you’d rather not do your own DIY table, tube clamp kits serve as an ideal made-to-measure outdoor table with scaffold boards and swivel castors so it’s easily moveable around your garden.”

a vegetable pizza in a silver pizza oven
Outdoor pizza oven, £164.99, Vonhaus.

Set yourself up for success

“Finally – prepare like a chef by thinking through each of the above steps before you start cooking the pizzas.

“Arrange all of your pizza-making tools and ingredients before you start cooking on your table – knowing where everything will be placed will make your pizza-making experience much easier!

“Whether it’s shaping and topping your dough, storing your pizza tools between uses, or how you’ll serve your pizzas to family and friends, get yourself prepped before the pizza-making begins so it’s ready to eat in time for kick off!”

an orange wood-fired stove being prepared outdoors by a man
DeliVita Blaze Orange wood-fired pizza oven, £1695, Lime Lace.

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