Renovate or relocate? This tool will help you decide

renovate or relocate

Wondering whether to renovate your home or move to a new property? There’s now an online tool available to take the guesswork out of your decision.

Are you torn between whether to renovate or relocate? It can be a tricky decision, especially in these financially uncertain times. But luckily there’s now a tool which can help you decide.

Renovate or Relocate

The team at Hillarys have created a Renovate or Relocate tool. It determines whether users should stay put and make changes to their home or consider moving.

The tool asks users a series of questions about any changes users wish to make to their home. It then advises, using their preferences about time and money, whether they should renovate or relocate.

For example, if a user wanted a new kitchen, then using the answers below, the tool would recommend they renovate:

  1. Are you happy with your home – No
  2. Is the interior of your home the problem – Yes
  3. Do you want to repurpose/decorate a room? – Yes
  4. What change would you like to make? – New Kitchen
  5. What’s more important to you – Quick Results

The tool will advise that it can take around a month to fit a new kitchen and can cost up to £5000. Therefore it’s still quicker and cheaper than relocating, so you should renovate.

renovate or relocate
The new Hillarys tool helps you decide whether to renovate or relocate.

Alternatively, if a user wanted to fully change their garden and wanted quick results, the renovate or relocate tool would recommend to relocate:

  1. Are you happy with your home – No
  2. Is the interior of your home the problem – No
  3. Would you like to change your garden? – Yes
  4. What’s more important to you? – Quick results

The renovate or relocate tool will advise that it can take around a year to fully landscape and renovate a garden. So if they want quick results, the user may wish to move to a property that already has their dream garden.

If you want a beautiful garden quickly, it’s faster to move than improve. Photography: iStock.

More help from banks and institutions

Still not sure whether to renovate or relocate? Then check out the linked features from banks and building societies such as Halifax, Barclays and Which? magazine. And remember that it usually costs less to renovate, and that moving home is stressful. Then again, the mess and disruption of renovation can also be stressful! Added to which, you’ll probably want to put your own stamp on a new home, so might undertake work there too.

Often, the decision will come down to your financial health, as well as how unhappy or cramped you are in your current home.

However, whatever you decide, the main thing to focus on is how happy you’ll be in your home when the renovation or move is complete.

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