Salmon pink decor for a vibrant and warm space

salmon pink decor

It doesn’t get more vibrant and warm than salmon pink decor. An incredibly inviting colour, pink adds a subtle glow that radiates around a space bringing comfort and warmth. Check out these examples of how to use it in your home.

Martin Waller, Founder of Andrew Martin, commented on the trend for salmon pink decor. “A colour which is bang on trend for interiors. It calms, relaxes and comforts, helps us to escape from the stress of daily life and blends into the background with ease.”

Firstly, set the tone with coloured cabinets

“Colour sets the tone of a space, it tells a story and provides an environment to feel at home in. Our brave new paint colour Pink Dusk is perfectly suited for our timeless designs. An elegant, more playful alternative to grey it creates incredible warmth and an alluring appeal to a kitchen. Pink may divide opinion; however, over the past few years, this versatile shade has boomed in popularity. Pink Dusk is not like your usual bubblegum pink, It’s incredibly soft, charming and moody. You can use this colour across a full kitchen design or pair it back with complementary tones opting for a pink island.” Tom Howley, Design Director, Tom Howley Kitchens.

salmon pink decor
Salmon pink decor: Pink Dusk Hartford kitchen from £20,000, Tom Howley.
dusky cabinetry
Salmon pink decor: Pink Dusk Hartford kitchen from £20,000, Tom Howley.

Secondly, use pink paint to warm up your space

salmon pink decor
Leaping Salmon No. 117, £41.95, Victory Colours is so dreamy.
sofa and armchair
Pink Harmony, Salmon Peach and Dusk Pink paint colours, £27 each, Benjamin Moore are all so lush.

Thirdly, make a statement with your worktops

“Caesarstone have been expertly crafting worktops for the last three decades. As a company, we strive to continuously improve the technical properties of our worktops as well as produce new and on-trend designs for our consumers. Caesarstone surfaces are extremely hard wearing and durable, as well as being non-porous, scratch and stain resistant. Our range includes 80+ colours in a wide array of colours, textures and patterns.” Head of Design at Caesarstone, Mor Krisher.

Caesarstone worktops
Salmon pink decor: 4046 Excava Quartz, Caesarstone.

Fourthly, revitalise a space with vibrant tiles and salmon pink decor

“Bold and beautiful, pink and red are utterly vibrant hues that marry wonderfully together and make a contemporary design statement. A wonderful way to bring a splash of colour into a space, this brilliantly bright clashing colour combination sparks individuality and promises to immediately transform a space.” Diane Hyde, Marketing Manager at Craven Dunnill Jackfield. 

Craven Dunnill tiles
Salmon pink decor: tiles from House of Hackney x Craven Dunnill Jackfield.
salmon pink decor
California Peach, Sequel Cotto and Salmon Pink tiles, Ca’ Pietra.

Then choose furniture to infuse salmon pink decor vibes

salmon pink decor
Evelyn Love Seat in 100 Linen Raspberry, from £1538, Darlings of Chelsea.
snug pouffe
Snug pouffe in Daisy Pink, £79.99, RUComfy.
salmon pink decor
Virginia armchair, Essential Home.
salmon pink decor
Novamobili Tape Storage Bed, from £2720, Go Modern Furniture.
luxe bed
Peachskin Quilted Bedspread in Petal Pink Lifestyle, £98, French Bedroom.

Lastly, inject salmon pink decor into your shelving

“Coordinating different colours on your shelves is another simple and effortless way of making these pieces stand out and decoratively tie a room together. Many forget that storage can also be part of the interior design scheme and by displaying and styling our objects, we can merge function with decoration.” Peter Erlandsson, co-owner of String Furniture.

salmon pink decor shelving
Lastly in our salmon pink decor edit: String Pocket, from £132, String.

So, did you love this feature on salmon pink decor? Then you’ll also enjoy this piece on pink decor ideas for calming kitchens, bedrooms and bathrooms.

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