Autumn gardens: how to turn your outdoors into a cosy space

autumn gardens

Autumn gardens can be beautiful. Russet-coloured, yellow and brown leaves, a fresh chill in the air and perhaps a bonfire. Here’s how to turn your garden into a cosy setting this season.

These simple tricks will turn autumn gardens into a cosy and snug sanctuary. If you still want to use your outdoor space for hosting guests, having your meals al fresco or curling up with a nice book on chilly autumn days, here’s how to give your backyard a little seasonal update. 

Chris Bonnett, the founder of Gardening Express, says: “Just because the temperatures are dropping doesn’t mean you have to head inside. Instead you can embrace the refreshing autumn breeze by making some cosy additions to your outdoor space.

“Some of the suggestions include brightening up the surroundings with outdoor lighting and adding more soft furnishings. 

“By doing these few things you can enjoy your garden all year round.”

Here are the best tips to transform your garden from the experts at Gardening Express.

autumn gardens
The temperatures are dropping, but gorgeous outdoor spaces are still possible.
Add outdoor lighting  

The days are getting shorter, so it’s important to brighten your surroundings with outdoor lights. Hanging up fairy lights and lanterns will bring a soft glow that will enhance the ambience of autumn gardens. If you’re looking for an inexpensive option, then solar powered lighting is a great choice that looks good too.

outdoor lighting
Adding outdoor lighting will transform your space. Photography: iStock.
Add outdoor heating

It’s likely to get chilly in late November and December, so why not invest in some heating? It’ll allow you to enjoy autumn gardens for longer, without feeling you need to bolt for the warmth of indoors.

autumn gardens
1800W Lyra Overhang Electric Patio Heater, £431, Maze Living.
fire pit table
Pulse 3 Seater Sofa Set with Fire Pit Table, £3699, Maze Living.
Create shelter

Create some shelter in the garden to prevent the unpredictable weather stopping you from enjoying your outdoor space this autumn. Some patio cover ideas for autumn gardens are shade sails, pergolas, gazebos and covered swing benches. 

pergola with trees
Square grey 3m x 3m pergola, from £3315.15, Maze Living.
gazebo among trees
Add shelter to your garden in case of downpours. Photography: iStock.
Accessorise with soft furnishings 

Outdoor cushions and blankets help to create a cosy setting in autumn gardens. You can also use the accessories to inject some colour and fun designs into your patio setup. 

autumn gardens
Then add cushions and blankets for the cosiest of autumn gardens. Photography: iStock.
Add an outdoor rug

Outdoor rugs are a great way to make autumn gardens feel cosy and warm. They’re designed to withstand any weather conditions meaning they are far more cost-effective than purchasing a normal rug.

outdoor rug
An outdoor rug will make your garden feel so warm and snug. Photography: iStock.
Opt for a warmer colour palette 

Deeper reds and tartan prints are perfect for setting the cosy mood in autumn gardens. Warmer and more neutral colour tones fit nicely with red and brown leaves falling on the ground, so incorporating this into furniture and décor choices is a great call.

leaves from autumn gardens
A warmer and more autumnal colour palette will look great in your space. Photography: iStock.
Invest in weather-proof garden furniture

If you want to make the most of your garden over the autumn and winter months, then you may want to consider investing in patio furniture that is fit for all weather conditions. Some of  the most durable and low maintenance material options for autumn gardens are rattan and aluminium.

rattan furniture
Rattan furniture is waterproof so can be left out in all weathers. Photography: iStock.
Include autumnal plants

Choose the right autumn plants to add colour to your garden. Some examples of cold-hardy plants that look great in autumn gardens are aster, sedum, persicaria, autumn crocuses, winter aconite, trumpet honeysuckle and pansies. 

autumn gardens
The right plants will make autumn gardens look beautiful. Photography: iStock.
Decorate gardens with an autumn wreath 

Lastly, give your outdoor space a seasonal touch with a fabulous autumn wreath centrepiece. You can make it yourself by using dried flowers, holly, berries and ivy garland, or opt for an artificial ready-made wreath. 

autumn gardens
Lastly, an autumn wreath will make your outdoor space look stunning.

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