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Hi, my name is Irina and I have a serious obsession with stripes! From sofas, lamps and bedding to all things kitchenalia, if it’s striped, it can stay.

If you are planning a bathroom refresh, and, like me, love this timeless pattern, I’ve got something even better for you. Say hello to striped showers. “Stripes? They’re here to stay,” tells me Grazzie Wilson, head of creative at Ca’ Pietra. “From fashion to interiors, they’re a forever trend and are set to be bigger and better than ever in 2024.”

To help you recreate this trendy look in your shower, we’ve asked the experts for their lowdown on practicalities, tile laying patterns and grout colours…

walk-in shower design with green and white stripe pattern and freestanding bath next to it
Dalby surface-mounted shower with a straight arm, from £2,370, with a 30cm shower rose, from £450, from Drummonds. Interior design by Orla Read, with hand-painted tiles from Balineum.

How to design a stripe tile pattern in your shower

Stripes are ideal for adding visual interest to your bathroom, and they look especially beautiful in shower areas. But with the amount of tile choices available these days, where should you start? Vertical or horizontal? Micro or macro? What about the colour combination?

green and white striped showering space with gold brassware
Go all out using intricate zellige tiles, such as these textured ones from Mosaic Factory. Interior design: Lizzie Green. Photography: Chris Snook.

Begin by choosing two or more shades that complement each other well, recommends Louisa Swannell, head of creative design at Walls and Floors. “For a striped effect, it’s common to use contrasting or complementary colours. For example, you might choose a light and dark shade of the same colour or bold contrasting colours such as blue and white,” says Louisa.

Then, find a tile shape you’re drawn to. Do you prefer the look of the classic metro style? Or perhaps you want to embrace the popular Moroccan zellige tiles? “You can create stripes using tiles of different shapes,” says Louisa, assuringly. “Common choices include rectangular subway tiles, square tiles, or even hexagonal tiles.”

Vertical or horizontal?

If you think you’re restricted to the classic vertical laying pattern, you’ll be surprised to find out you can achieve a stunning shower design by placing your tiles horizontally too! “The go-to is to run the tiles in a vertical pattern to create your stripes. But horizontal can work just as well and create a unique look, especially if one of your tile options creates stripes within stripes, such as the bamboo tile,” explains Grazzie.

Damla Turgut, founder at Otto Tiles & Design, agrees: “We’ve seen great examples recently that take the humble stripe and turn it into something a little more striking – combining horizontal with vertical, or mixing and matching different colours to create something more unique.”

Finding the perfect pattern for your shower

It’s important to visualise your shower before installing your tiles to nail the design and avoid hiccups along the way. “Sketch out the design on paper or use a digital design tool to plan how the tiles will be arranged to create the striped pattern,” advises Louisa. “Consider the width of each stripe and how they will alternate or blend together.”

When it comes to the actual stripe pattern, go big using chunky square solutions. For a more narrow motif, opt for slim metro tiles. Or why not go micro for an intricate look? “Use a patterned tile that has stripes as part of its pattern. Pick out the colour of the stripe to use in the rest of the bathroom to tie it in, but let stripes do the talking, especially if your shower area is bigger than average,” says Grazzie.

blue bathroom with patterned wallpaper, brass accents, marble vanity unit and bamboo-style wallcoverings
Tiles, Ca’ Pietra. Interior design: Barlow & Barlow. Photography: Kristin Perers.


After you’ve got your tile style sorted, Louisa recommends paying attention to the alignment and spacing of your tiles to ensure a uniform look. However, if you’re using zellige tiles, embrace their irregularities for a shower packed with personality.

But for a truly show-stopping design, don’t stop at the walls. Continue the stripe pattern on the floor (with anti-slip solutions for a safe showering experience) or on the ceiling. “The epitome of multi-functional, striped tiles can be used on floors, walls, and even onto the ceiling to pull everything together cohesively,” says Damla.

“By swathing vertical stripes across walls and up onto the ceiling, the pattern is also a great way of making a room look and feel much larger by drawing the eye continuously up and away from the floor.”

shower design with blue and white striped tiles on the walls, floors and ceiling
Navy Blue Stripes cement tiles, from £140 per sq m, Otto Tiles & Design. Interior design: Emma Ainscough.

Let’s talk grout

Lastly, when it comes to grout, pick a colour that complements your shower tiles. This will help make the stripe pattern stand out even more. “White is a safe choice especially if you have selected this as one of your stripe colours, however, if you’ve gone for a more muted shade such as grey then choosing a grout of the same shade will work equally well,” says Louisa.

Or why not go bold with a colourful choice to really make your shower stand out? Remember, your shower, your rules.

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