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Here’s a question: where in Europe do you think people live in the smallest houses? If your answer was ‘the UK’, then congratulations – that’s correct. It’s no surprise, then, that space is often one of the biggest challenges when remodelling a small bedroom. For one, you’re in good company as a whole chunk of the UK is in the same situation.

On the other hand, there are a whole host of clever tricks and ideas to turn your compact space into a sanctuary to rest and recharge. And that’s where I come in. When you do set out to renovate a small bedroom, it won’t be done with a lick of paint and a new bed (sorry).

Instead, plan in proper storage, get the light right, make the colour scheme work hard and banish the clutter using clever tricks and a bit of self discipline. Plus, some other key and rather nifty tips too... Stefanie

    Create the ultimate craft room in your spare bedroom

    What’s your lockdown craft? Mine is crochet and I’ve also tried my hand at weaving, which despite initial doubts, was actually very relaxing. With so many craft kits available now and at-home hobbies on the rise, you could make the ultimate craft room in your spare bedroom and take your creativity to the next level. Did you know things like colouring pencils and books, embroidery kits and knitting materials have all risen in sales since lockdown began? Seems many of…

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  • Bedroom wall ideas that AREN’T wallpaper

    Don't worry, I am not throwing wallpaper and focal points out all together (despite the title of this post), but rather encouraging you to think more creatively about how to use…

  • Our favourite homes of 2020

    Looking for inspiration for your kitchen, bedroom or bathroom project? There’s nothing like snooping around someone else’s home renovation to get ideas (virtually, or otherwise). I’d say one of the best…

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    The festive season is just around the corner – just 10 sleeps till Christmas! From traditional patterns with reindeers and snowflakes to contemporary textures and minimal designs, show your bedroom some…


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