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    The new energy label and how to read it


    We’ve all seen the multi-coloured energy label stickers when buying appliances, right? They usually show a range of bars, in shades of green and red, to show how an appliance’s energy efficiency is graded and with a black arrow indicating where your design sits on the scale. Originally, the energy label ranged from A to D – but as technology evolved and ovens, hobs, and more used less electricity, the range of ratings was extended and A+, A++, and A+++…

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  • Bedroom wall ideas that AREN’T wallpaper

    Don't worry, I am not throwing wallpaper and focal points out all together (despite the title of this post), but rather encouraging you to think more creatively about how to use…

  • Hello February issue!

    Welcome the February issue of Kitchens Bedrooms & Bathrooms magazine. Have you watched all those home organisation programmes on TV lately? From Marie Kondo’s show to Get Organised with The Home…


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