Welcome to These Three Rooms. We are very excited to have you here and hope we can help with whatever kitchen, bedroom or bathroom renovation project you’re planning. Kitchen design tips, interior inspiration for your bedroom or ensuite bathroom, a snoop around the latest homes we’ve been to, or are in need of expert advice on buying appliances, sinks, taps or showers, we’ve got you covered on that (and more). Lindsay


    Creating a moodboard: where to begin

    Ready for a bit of cut and stick? Creating a moodboard is one of the most fun parts of planning a decorating project, if you ask me. It’s a chance to look at all the things you like – think colours, patterns, textures, architectural styles (you name it) – and start your journey towards what your finished interiors project could look like. If you’re working with an interior designer, they’ll usually create a board for you, but I think it’s…

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  • Bedroom

    Clever storage ideas for your bedroom

    Clever storage ideas for your bedroom, you say? I'm in.  Currently, my bedroom is being ruled by my overfilled wardrobe – I don’t know how and I don’t know when this…

  • Ceiling Planter

    House plants: How to bring the outside in

    There are so many lovely interiors images out there filled with the most beautiful array of house plants and the more I see, the more I want. They bring in freshness,…


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