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Here’s a question: where in Europe do you think people live in the smallest houses? If your answer was ‘the UK’, then congratulations – that’s correct. It’s no surprise, then, that space is often one of the biggest challenges when remodelling a small bedroom. For one, you’re in good company as a whole chunk of the UK is in the same situation.

On the other hand, there are a whole host of clever tricks and ideas to turn your compact space into a sanctuary to rest and recharge. And that’s where I come in. When you do set out to renovate a small bedroom, it won’t be done with a lick of paint and a new bed (sorry).

Instead, plan in proper storage, get the light right, make the colour scheme work hard and banish the clutter using clever tricks and a bit of self discipline. Plus, some other key and rather nifty tips too... Stefanie

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