Spring bed linen ideas to refresh your space

Spring bed linen with small patterns can add fun to your space without being overwhelming

The days are getting longer, the weather is (hopefully) warming up a bit… so, what better time to give your home a refresh than now?

Spring bed linen is the perfect quick update to make your scheme feel renewed. Lighter fabrics than the ones you use in the colder months, such as linen, help signal a definitive end of winter – and I don’t know about you, but I’m ready to leave it behind now!

Whether you prefer crisp white sheets, soft pastel hues, or bright patterns, there is something for everyone this season. Let’s take a look…

Spring bed linen ideas: calm shades

Block colours – whether they’re pastel or more intense tones – offer an easy, yet still elegant, update that will feel welcoming, too. Choose a shade that complements your scheme for a cohesive look – or (one of our favourite spring bed linen ideas) pick a striking contrast that will act as a focal point.

Of course, you can combine different colours, too. For example, go for a soft pink duvet but choose pillows in either white or a darker pink. This works especially well if you have a number of pillows and cushions, as you can layer shades and combine them with white for a nice balance.

Choosing a neutral colour, such as this classic white and grey combination, is one of our favourite bed linen ideas
Linen bedding in Classic White, from £40 for a pair of pillowcases, Scooms.
A cotton throw in white or a softer shade, such as this slate blue, can add a calm feel
Mother of Pearl Abstract stitched organic cotton throw in Slate Blu, £200, John Lewis.
Crisp white linen is an eternal classic choice
White 100% linen bedding, from £155 for a double-sized duvet cover, Secret Linen Store.

Spring bed linen ideas: bold patterns to inject some fun

How about a splash of bright florals? A leaf motif in sunset colours? Or maybe some spring bed linen adorned with summery fruit such as lemons?

And, why not? What’s stopping you from choosing spring bed linen with a design that you really like? This spring, we say the more colourful and out-there, the better. And don’t worry – we’ve got plenty of ideas to get you inspired!

Adding pattern to your space not only gives it an instant refresh, but it’s also an easy way to add a fun design element that you can simply change if you get bored of it. Not to mention it projects plenty of personality, too.

Plus, ornate spring bed linen doesn’t have to feel childish. Choose a more neutral design, or make sure your bolder option oozes a grown-up feel. There might be a fine balance between cool and kitsch, but with the right styling (and enough conviction) you can get away with pretty much anything.

Bright, bold patterns instantly cheer up a room
Roan Multi quilt cover, from £159, Sheridan.
Paradise Tartan linen duvet cover
Kip & Co Paradise Tartan linen duvet cover, from £265, Antipodream.
Spring bed linen with abstract designs add a pared-back element of fun
Kindred Abstract duvet set, from £22, Furn.
Spring bed linen with bright florals add fun and personality to your space
Joules rainbow floral cotton bedding duvet cover and pillowcases, from £18 for a pair of pillowcases, The Rug Seller.
White bedding with a pattern of vines, flowers, and papaya fruit
Lemons & Pomegranates bedding set, from £19.99 for a single, Vantona.
Floral patterns on bright backgrounds will instantly refresh your space
Matthew Williamson x John Lewis Cabana duvet cover set in Multi, from £90, John Lewis.

How about more classic patterns?

If lemons, abstract drawings, or bright florals are not for you, but you’d still like to choose spring bed linen that isn’t just a solid colour, fear not. There are plenty of calmer patterns available – from classic stripes in blue and white to ditsy strawberries, that will add an element of fun without feeling overwhelming.

Blue and white stripes are a classic choice for spring bed linen
Cowes duvet set, from £120 for a single, Xvstripes.
Bedding with a small bee pattern
Joules Botanical Bee bedding, from £18 for two pillowcases, The Rug Seller.
Patterns like ditsy fruit or florals are more pared-back but still fun
Strawberries bedding set, from £48, Sophie Allport.

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