Summer bed linen ideas for cool and comfortable nights

summer bed linen ideas

Ready to give your summer bedding a refresh? Imagine drifting off in sheets that not only add visual appeal to your sleep space but also help keep you cool during warm nights. Read on to discover some of our favourite bed linen ideas for 2024…

Fancy fresh and crisp white sheets or want to invite the colours of summer into your home? The latest bedding designs are made from airy fabrics, such as linen and organic cotton, to help regulate your body temperature during the night.

Plus, they come in a range of colourways – from muted pastels to more vibrant shades – or embellished with quirky patterns that instantly spark a joyful feeling.

But first, what should you look for in summer bed linen?

There is a fair amount of science involved in keeping you cool – anything to help during a UK heatwave, right? So, when it comes to your bedding set’s materials, Gareth Coxall, creative director at Terrys, suggests choosing natural fabrics like cotton, muslin and linen to ensure you’re not overheating during warm nights.

“Organic textiles such as these are brilliant at allowing the skin to breathe, wicking any sweat away instantly and making your summer sleeping a lot more comfortable than bedding made from heavier fabrics more suited to winter,” he says.

Pink and yellow bedroom design with rattan bed frame, colourful fabrics and airy curtains.
Molly Mahon Pink Bindi 100% cotton bed linen, £49 for a double duvet cover, Secret Linen Store.

In terms of colours, Gareth recommends opting for light shades, such as pastels, that will reflect sunlight compared to the darker hues that absorb the heat. Hafiz Shariff, founder of Owl + Lark, agrees: “These colours not only complement a light and airy summer decor but also create a soothing ambience which is conducive to rest and relaxation.”

But if you want to make a statement, why not opt for patterned linen? “Mixing and matching different textures and patterns can add depth and visual interest to your bedding ensemble, allowing you to craft a personalised and stylish summer look that enhances your comfort and relaxation,” advises Hafiz.

What’s more, if you thought you couldn’t feel cosy during summer, think again! You can still create a cocooning effect by layering materials. “You can elevate your summer bedding by adding breathable layers, like lightweight quilts or coverlets, to increase comfort without overheating. Layering these items with a mix of textures and fabrics should leave you with a cosy sleep environment, perfect for balmy nights,” explains Hafiz.

Scroll down to explore the latest summer bed linen designs and get inspired…

Timeless white

While white bedsheets are a staple, the latest designs come with a little twist – from ruffles and scallop edges to clean and straight lines, they’re guaranteed to add intrigue to your bedroom while providing that hotel-style aesthetic.

The beauty of these sheets lies in their simplicity, so it’s advisable to look for high-quality materials such as 100% organic cotton or tactile linen. These fabrics will not only add a dash of luxury to your space but also help keep your body at just the right temperature, thus aiding in better, more restful sleep.

White bed sheets with scalloped green edges on a bed with grey headboard.
Alexandra wavy scalloped cotton linen in sage green, from £160, Rebecca Udall.
White bed sheets with green throw and matching pillows in a neutral bedroom.
Smart Temperature Cooling 100% cotton set, from £40 for a duvet cover, and from £20 for a pillowcase pair, The Fine Bedding Company.
White bedroom with canopy and matching white bed linen.
100% linen bedding in white, from £145 for a duvet cover, Scooms.
White summer bed linen with ruffled edges in a neutral and modern bed frame and bedside table.
Ruffled French linen bedding, from £120, Soak & Sleep.

Floral bed linen

Thanks to their charm and mood-boosting effect, florals are a great choice during spring and summer. The patterns range from delicate and ditsy prints to daring, oversized designs. Mix and match simple, pared-back sheets with statement duvet covers and pillowcases to add plenty of interest to your bedroom. Or why not go bold with pattern-clashing?

To get the best of both worlds and make the most of your bedding, opt for reversible solutions.

Multicoloured bedsheets on in teal bedroom.
Kip And Co Little Bit Ditsy 100% flax linen duvet cover, from £185, Antipodream.
Floral summer bed linen with roses and yellow in a girly bedroom.
Cath Kidston Floral Fields 100% cotton sheets, from £50, Terrys.
Pretty ditsy floral bedding pattern with small flowers in pinks and purples, with matching cushions.
Elsing stripe duvet cover and pillowcase 100% cotton set, from £60, Laura Ashley.
Scandi bedroom design with floral bed linen and rattan decor.
Sussi 100% cotton set, from £64.99, Jysk.
White and blue bed with leaf patterned bedsheets and blankets.
Christy England Ledbury 100% pure cotton duvet set, from £60, Linenfields.

Muted pastels

Lastly, if you want to achieve a minimalist and serene sleep space, then opt for summer bed linen in muted pastel shades such as cool blues, dusty pinks, and earthy sage greens. For example, dressing your bed in tactile linen with charming wrinkles offers a calming and effortless look. However, you can still mix and match complementing hues to add a touch of your personality and create a harmonious look.

These calming shades work particularly well in Scandinavian and coastal-inspired spaces – decorate using natural materials such as wood and rattan and add abundant house plants to finish off the scheme.

Blue summer bedroom with tartan blanket in a blue bedroom.
Mist Chambray linen and cotton blend duvet cover, from £129, Piglet in Bed.
Green summer bedroom with block colours and pin stripes.
Pinstripe and Verdi Green 100% linen set, from £192, Chalk Pink Linen Company.
Neutral bedroom design with white bed frame, textures fabrics, wood bedside table and glass table lamp.
Lazy Linen bed linen in Biscuit, £100 for a double fitted sheet, Loaf.

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