Worktops and flooring for the kitchen and bathroom: listen now

Series four, episode eight of the podcast

Why does wood work better in the kitchen and not the bathroom? Is concrete a good idea? Do effect tiles actually look like the real thing? And will a lemon really stain marble? (Spoiler alert – yes, it will.)

We know you have plenty of questions about finding the right materials for your home. That’s why in the latest episode of How To Buy A Kitchen Or Bathroom podcast, host Georgina is delving deep into worktops and flooring.

For episode four, Georgina is joined once again by interior designers Pia Pelkonen, and Amy Stoddart.

“When buying worktops or flooring for your kitchen and bathroom, think about budget, time restraints, style, and durability.”


Pia Pelkonen is the creative director and founder of the interior design studio called Pia Design. And Amy Stoddart is the founder of her own interior design studio, named Amy Rebecca Interiors.

They chat about all you need to know – from different worktops and flooring materials on the market and abundant style options through to installation and the practicalities.

“Composite worktops are definitely the most forgiving. If you put hot pots or leave something wet on there overnight, they are more hard-wearing than natural materials.”

worktops and flooring
Georgina, Amy and Pia chat worktops and flooring for your kitchen and bathroom in episode four of the podcast.

“If you are a really keen chef, and love cooking and baking, materials like Dekton and other man-made surfaces are definitely a better option.”


So, if you are currently renovating or thinking about updating your surfaces, listen to episode four of our podcast. There are plenty of worktops and flooring do’s and don’ts to keep in mind, and inspiring insights from Pia and Amy.

“The bathroom is such a wet area. I would say no wooden flooring in the bathroom, and remember marble will damage because it’s porous. So, porcelain tiles or microcement are probably your best bet.”


Plus, they have some laughs along the way, too – you don’t want to miss it.

“There’s something I’ve seen a lot of and I hope it’s not going to be a trend: tiled kitchen worktops. There’s something not right about that. I can imagine all the dirt and grime gathering in the grout lines.”


Stay tuned because Pia and Amy will be back to answer all your kitchen storage questions. Exciting, right?

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