Freestanding bath on your wish list? Choose yours with virtual reality

Freestanding bath main

Close your eyes and imagine the most luxurious bathroom you can think of. What’s inside? Probably lots of space, a rainfall shower, metallic accents…

A freestanding bath taking centre stage is a must for many of us, too. Deep enough to fully immerse yourself and super stylish, they feel like the height of indulgence.

The concept is pretty self-explanatory – it’s a bathtub you can, structural limits aside, place anywhere in the room. Anywhere in your home, even.

Tub birds eye

You could fit it in the bedroom or, if you want to really go off the beaten track, as a statement element in your kitchen. Or maybe you want to create a dedicated wellness room, separate from your family bathroom.

But there are a few key questions to consider.

What’s your ideal style for a freestanding bath?    

There’s a wide range of designs, from contemporary oval shapes to deep slipper baths or even fully round styles. Plus, you’ll also need to decide whether you want your bath to stand on feet – and if you’d like traditional claw designs or more modern feet.

You may also choose a freestanding bath with a plinth base, which offers a different kind of elegance.

Many designs are now available in far more colours than white, too, so you’re no longer limited to having a white tub. Instead, it could be black, blue, or even a sunny yellow. Many companies even offer custom paints – for example, you could choose from Farrow & Ball colours or hundreds of RAL shades.

Freestanding bath main

And not to mention you can even have patterned baths. How about a floral tub in a monochrome bathroom?

Where do I place my freestanding bath?

It’s time to finalise the layout. Do you want to place the tub centrally, or maybe you’d prefer it to sit under the window so you can enjoy the view?

Virtual reality is a great help, as it allows you to see what the result could be before you agree to anything – so you can try multiple ideas to find the perfect one. 

Virtual Worlds plinth tub

It also allows you to move around your proposed design, giving you a feel for how the space would flow.

Keen to get started?

More than 300 showrooms use Virtual Worlds 4D technology. Arrange a visit to your local retailer who has Virtual Worlds 4D and talk to a designer about your plans in advance, so they can have designs ready for you to view.

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