Need guest bathroom ideas? Here are six easy and affordable tips

Need guest bathroom ideas? We’re overflowing with them (hopefully unlike your bath). If you love entertaining and having guests stay over, you’ll enjoy this feature. It’s full of tips to ensure your guests feel welcome and a little spoiled when visiting. And, of course, now’s the perfect time to refresh your guest bathroom. (Any excuse to buy some posh soap, right?)

I’ve come up with a great way to dream up guest bathroom ideas. Just imagine what you would want and need to have when staying over at a luxury hotel, for example. I’m talking cotton towels, aromatherapy or plush robes. Add anything that comes to mind to your guest bathroom checklist.

Now: let’s help you refresh your guest bathroom and make sure you have all your basics sorted. Here are six quick and easy updates. Bonus: they won’t break the bank.

Let’s take a look, shall we?

Guest bathroom ideas for a truly luxe experience

Firstly, shop for luxurious new towels

This small update can transform the whole trip for your guests. Swap your old tired face cloths, hand and bath towels for glamorous new cotton ones. Make sure they’re soft to the touch and pleasing to the eye. In addition, why not purchase new cotton robes to complete the retreat-like experience? Your family and friends will feel snug and cocooned in them as a result. It’s the little details that make all the difference.

guest bathroom towels on edge of bath
Guest bathroom ideas: Add a pop of personality to your guest bathroom with the Amelia scalloped bath towels in White/Asparagus, from £62, Rebecca Udall.
a guest bathroom robe in grey with a stack of towels on a bench in grey, white and beige
Ensure your guests get that cosy feeling with the new Plush robe in Slate, £99, and Plush towels, from £6, Bedfolk.

Secondly, buy handy mirrors

Aside from brightening up the space and giving the illusion of a bigger room, mirrors are a must-have addition to any bathroom. Especially if they include LED lighting, as then they’re perfect for doing your makeup in the morning or prepping your night time routine. They come in a variety of styles, sizes and shapes. Choose from grand Renaissance-inspired designs to ultra-sleek with smart features. There’s a huge range, so you’ll definitely find one to suit your scheme. As an alternative solution, pop a magnifying mirror on the vanity unit in case your guests need it when getting ready.

a freestanding black mirror with accessories in the bottom
Guest bathroom ideas: Look magnify mirror in Dark Oak, £110, Abode Living, also provides storage space for makeup products and other essentials.
an illuminated round LED mirror in a guest bathroom with a white countertop basin, matt black hardware, beige cabinetry and accessories
Darci black framed illuminated LED mirror, £219.99, Bathroom Mountain. This is ideal for a modern scheme with matt black accents and luxurious surfaces.

Thirdly, think about comfy rugs 

Be honest: is there anything more annoying than stepping out of a hot shower or relaxing bath onto a cold floor? I think not. So why not add that extra layer of comfort to your guest bathroom with a soft and fluffy rug? Choose one that matches your bathroom’s aesthetic, or go bold with a statement design.

a grey ribbed bath mat next to a round white bath with several accessories on the floor of a guest bathroom
Hotel Collection Zero twist silver bath mat, £12.50, Julian Charles.

More guest bathroom ideas

A must-have: spa-like toiletries 

We all love a good shampoo and conditioner combo, paired with a hydrating hair mask. Then there are bath bombs for a bubbly soak, or a really effective scrub to leave skin baby-soft. Prep these bathroom essentials ahead of your guests’ arrival. Then put them on display on a vanity unit or on an open shelf or shower nook.

a selection of dark green moisturisers and sprays next to a gift box
Get your bathroom essentials sorted in one go with The Ritual of Jing Calming Treat set, £27.90, from Rituals.

Treat your guests with relaxing aromatherapy 

Essential oils, stylish diffusers and soy wax candles – you name it, I love it all. And yes, I do consider these to be guest bathroom essentials – after all, they leave your space smelling fresh and add to the spa-like feeling. Pop a diffuser near the basin or add one on top of your wall-mounted cabinet for an even distribution throughout the room. And don’t forget to accessorise your bath with candles for the ultimate relaxing experience.

a white geometrical diffuser on a wooden chair on top of two books
Get your guests to relax and unwind with the FYG Wellbeing diffuser pod, £78, Fy!, and a calming blend of essential oils.

Lastly, refresh your soaps and holders

Hygiene comes first, so upgrade your soap dish and dispensers with new chic and practical solutions and pair them with a good anti-bacterial soap that also smells divine – bonus. You could go for matching jars to store bamboo buds and cotton pads, which will always come in handy, as well as decorative boxes for tissues and extra toilet paper.

a floral green and yellow Jo Malone guest bathroom wash bag with pictures of limes and peaches on it and two green bugs
Guest bathroom ideas: Go for a hydrating soap like the Jo Malone Lime basil and mandarin soap, £20, NET-A-PORTER. It’s formulated with shea butter, which has delicious notes of tart Mandarin, spicy Basil and warm Amberwood.
a guest bathroom with a marble stool and a range of white ribbed bathroom accessories
Upgrade your storage solutions with the Dorma Porcelain tumbler in white, £12; Dorma Porcelain small storage trinket in white, £12, and Dorma Porcelain soap dish in white, £10, all from Dunelm.

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