How to maximise your space with bathroom mirror cabinets

Looking to make the most of every inch of your bathroom? Say hello to mirror cabinets. These solutions don’t just look stylish – they also open up your space while keeping your must-haves organised.

Mirror cabinets often feature practical narrow shelves, perfect for tucking away small essentials such as skincare products, prescriptions, razors, or your favourite perfume. They are a great addition to any bathroom, but they work especially well in family spaces as you can keep potentially dangerous items out of your little one’s hands.

Calm and natural bathroom with illuminated cabinet above a vanity unit with countertop basin.
Vanquish bathroom cabinet, from £724, HiB.
Modern bathroom with terrazzo tiles and minimalistic black shower and basin area.
Dockside mirror, £295, Origins Living.

Sizes range from sleek and slim to larger options. And, in terms of styles, modern designs often incorporate edge-to-edge mirrors for a seamless appearance while traditional solutions can include elegant decorative trims. So, there is something for everyone!

Priyanshi Jain, architect and interior designer, encourages you to experiment with different shapes of mirror cabinets. “Opt for round or curved edges, paired with curved faucets, to add a soft touch to the area. In comparison, hexagonal or other geometric-shaped cabinets are bold and create dramatic visuals. To add a touch of luxury to your bathroom, you can opt for metallic and wooden frames for a sense of warmth and calmness,” advises Priyanshi.

Traditional bathroom with pink and brown accents. Mirror bathroom cabinet is above the washstand with countertop basin.
Guild furniture and mirror, £999, Burlington.
Bathroom with blue accents in the tiles and vanity units.
Lustre modular furniture in Sea Green and Copper, price on application, Utopia.

Smart mirrored bathroom cabinets

The latest mirror cabinets offer more benefits than just multi-functionality – they can also come equipped with smart features such as demisters, speakers, and charging stations, adding a high-tech touch to your bathroom.

“Defogging technology and built-in demisters ensure the mirror remains clear post-shower, while adjustable inbuilt LED lighting helps to create an optimal environment by tailoring the brightness or intensity of the light to your needs, particularly useful for detailed tasks such as makeup application or shaving,” explains Jorge Hernandez, head of design at Crosswater. “These advanced features not only add luxury but also significantly improve the convenience and efficiency of your daily bathroom experience.”

Large illuminated mirrored bathroom cabinet open to show internal storage.
In-built mirror cabinet with lighting and touch control, from £962, Dansani.
Illuminated mirrored bathroom cabinet with internal storage.
Somaris, price on application, Keuco.

Bathroom mirror cabinets with lights

What’s more, as many designs include built-in LED lighting, these mirror cabinets are perfect for nailing that glamorous Hollywood vanity vibe. Some solutions also offer adjustable settings. “You can now opt for a cabinet with different lighting strengths and colours, allowing you to match the lighting to your mood or activity. For example, you can choose a dim warm white light when relaxing in the bath in the evening or a brighter light for applying make-up in the morning,” says Chris Payne, senior designer at Ripples Bristol.

Mirror bathroom cabinet with ambient and task lighting in a large space with lots of storage.
Qatego mirror and furniture, price on application, Duravit.
Large mirrored bathroom cabinet with top light above a white vanity unit in a blue bathroom.
Image 700 cabinet, £1135, Crosswater.

Top tips

Hands up if you often have to stand on your toes to catch your reflection or have a hard time reaching the top shelf – me, too! When installing your new mirror, it’s advisable to position it at a suitable height for every family member, of course, where possible.

Mirrors bounce light around the room, so place yours near or opposite a window to create radiant reflections. “Mirrors and mirrored cabinets enhance natural and artificial light in the bathroom, particularly in smaller spaces, giving a welcome illusion of spaciousness,” says Helen Clark, head of marketing at Utopia.

And, don’t forget to think about proportions when designing your bathroom. Match the size of the mirror to the basin to avoid strange optical illusions. Aim for a harmonious look that ties your space together beautifully.

Rounded cabinet above a vanity unit with basin in a light bathroom with terrazzo tiles.
Theory double-door cabinet, £426, Roper Rhodes.
Compact bathroom with lots of storage as wooden units and green walls.
M-Line Edge in Light Oak, price on application, VitrA.

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