Countertop basins: why they’re the perfect choice for your new bathroom

countertop basins

Countertop basins are an excellent choice when you’re renovating a bathroom – so check out the stunning selection from VitrA. We love the variety of shapes and finishes in their breathtaking ranges.

Countertop basins and counters: chances are you’ve seen a few in the process of choosing your new bathroom. I’ve seen thousands, but the variety and scope of VitrA‘s are next level. They offer three main ranges with an impressive array of options when it comes to the shape, colour and finish of your basin and counter, so I can’t wait for you to see them.

Countertop basins and counters are a fab choice for your bathroom for many reasons, so we’ll go through them in this handy feature.

They look contemporary and chic

If you love the sleek and modern look, then countertop basins and counters are for you. They have clean lines, come in numerous shapes and also offer many different finishes. For example, check out this round copper design from VitrA’s special Water Jewels range – it’s so glossy and futuristic.

copper design

Or you could go for a more understated design which also has a modern feel. For instance, this rectangular white basin with curved edges from VitrA’s Options range is simple and stylish. Options offers rounded and square or rectangular shapes, all in white ceramic.

countertop basins

A more unique-looking yet still elegant design is the pebble-shaped basin from the Outline range, shown below in matt white. The Outline range is made from cerafine ceramic which allows very fine and smooth edges.

We love the bathroom design pictured below because of the contrast between the modern gold basin (again from the Water Jewels range) and traditional taps. The matching traditional lamp and mirror look perfect, while the metro brick tiles are set in a herringbone pattern.

gold design
They provide lots of storage options

Storage space is never an issue with these bathroom set ups – hurray! Of course, the counters provide a lot of space to hold things, but you can also choose inbuilt drawers, giving you lots of space underneath for extra storage. For example, these light oak drawers under this marble-effect Calacatta Silk Neolith counter from the Origin range are endlessly stylish. Alternative Origin counter colours are white, black, elm and patterned black oak.

countertop basins

You can even add a separate unit underneath your counter for extra storage (trust us, you can never have too much storage in a bathroom!). For instance, this patterned black oak unit from the Origin range is hugely sophisticated and gives you loads of space.

water jewels design

And if you prefer open shelving as you have beautiful items to display, then there’s an option for that too. These counters from the Options range will accommodate folded towels, a towel basket, endless toiletries and so much more.

countertop basins
They offer numerous colour and finish options

Countertop basins from VitrA come in many different colours and finishes, from traditional white ceramic to glamorous platinum. Feast your eyes on this gloriously glossy round statement black basin from the Water Jewels range, which will never go out of style.

round black design

Then there’s this lovely natural shade of matt taupe from the Outline range, which will complement a neutral colour scheme. It will also make your bathroom look unique, especially in this oval shape. All Outline basins feature the VitrA Clean glaze. This repels dirt and bacteria from the surface for better hygiene and easier cleaning.

And then there’s this traditional rectangular ceramic basin from the Options range, set into this countertop below. You can’t go wrong with such an iconic style. Choose a modern mixer tap like the one below for an on-trend look.

Check out this incredible platinum basin from the Water Jewels range. It’s an award-winning collection designed for making a statement in your bathroom (or perhaps a splash!). Colour options include black, copper, gold, black and white, platinum and white. As for shapes, you can choose circular, square or rectangular. Designed by Italian architect Matteo Thun, these basins can be mounted countertop, inset or undercounter. So lush!

There’s room for experimenting with different countertop basins

Not sold on the basin you’ve chosen? Don’t worry. It’s easy to change a countertop basin. It’s also relatively inexpensive, so no need for a sharp intake of breath! In fact, you could buy a couple of basins and swap them whenever your bathroom needs a refresh.

And there you have it: four great reasons to choose a countertop basin and counter for your new bathroom. Just promise to send us the pics once you’ve installed them.

Origin light oak counter with white glass countertop and white Water Jewels basin, all from VitrA.

Featured image: Options light oak counter shelves with Options white rectangular ceramic basin, all from VitrA.

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