Bathroom furniture shopping? View this wonderfully versatile range

three versions of Root bathroom furniture by Vitra

Bathroom furniture shopping? Then you’ll love Root from VitrA. With 3 distinct styles, 17 choices of colour and 3 vanity basins, your dream bathroom is just around the corner.

Bathroom furniture: the choice is seemingly endless, yet most styles only come in one colour with a single choice of basin… until now. Welcome to Root, the new highly versatile range from VitrA.

white bathroom furniture

‘What is Root?!’ we hear you cry. Well, we’re glad you asked: the new Root bathroom furniture collection offers a breathtaking range of product sizes and styles, in mix-and-match colour and wood unit combinations. You’ve got complementing handle styles, along with a range of brassware, and the option of three different basins.

grey bathroom furniture under basin

Bathroom furniture that’s truly versatile

Then we come to the fun bit, where you decide which style you like best. The range is made up of three key bathroom furniture designs: Flat, Groove and Classic. Firstly, there’s Flat – it’s a simple style, so if you’re into minimalism, it could be for you. Secondly, there’s a panelled style called Groove, a truly contemporary option. Lastly, there’s Classic – a modern take on shaker design. The on-trend furniture joins VitrA’s recently-launched brassware collections Root Round and Root Square. These are available in five colours (chrome, brushed nickel, copper, gold and matt black) across their array of basin, bath and shower mixers. There’s also a selection of complementing additional storage units to go with the range, including tall cabinets and mid units.

wooden cabinet in pink room

Featuring a range of beautiful colours

For us, the show-stopping thing about Root is the variety of shades and finishes available. The bathroom furniture units come in a whopping 17 assorted colours with three types of finish – gloss, matt or wood. Colours include stylish white, classic anthracite, Sahara beige, pearl grey, dark blue, fjord green, and more. The wood options include walnut and natural oak finishes. Then there are the handles, which come in matt black, matt white and chrome, with two distinct styles to suit the different furniture designs. See, we told you it was versatile!

bathroom furniture range in graphite with white basin

And there’s more good news. Root’s straightforward design, soft lines and smooth surfaces keep the cabinet surfaces dirt-free and easy to clean (yay!). The bathroom furniture units are paired with VitrA‘s popular Zentrum, Integra and new Integra Classic washbasins. So whatever your design sensibilities, you’ll find your perfect match. 

bathroom furniture range in Groove grey with white basin

Bathroom furniture you can design yourself

But with all the gorgeous choices available for bathroom furniture, you may find it hard to decide which you like the most. So to help you choose from all the options, why not try VitrA’s ‘Root Configurator’? It’s an online tool that lets you experiment with all the different styles, colour finishes and sizes to find the perfect bathroom design. In addition to the washbasin units, the tool also features the additional storage units available. So you can take your time designing your dream bathroom.

Try the Root Configurator now:

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