How to save water in the bathroom and lower your water bills

how to save water in the bathroom

Money saving and the cost of living are probably on your mind right now, with the 80% October price cap rise just around the corner. Use these helpful suggestions from VitrA to save water in the bathroom.

How to save money is the big question right now, with even the PM weighing in with suggestions. VitrA are water saving experts, with their water efficiency projects saving the equivalent of a million people’s worth of water usage for a year. Their carbon emissions per unit produced have decreased by 8 percent, a saving which could otherwise only be offset by planting 1.3 million trees. And 100% of VitrA’s basin mixers are now equipped with water saving features, in line with European standards.

So here are their top tips for conserving your pennies in the bathroom:

Use a dual flush toilet

Firstly, change from a single flush to a dual flush toilet. The smaller flush uses around half as much water as the bigger flush. VitrA cisterns operate at 2.5/4 or 3/6 litres, using up to 70% less water as a result.

Fun fact: if you changed 250 toilets from a 9 litre single flush to a 2.5/4 dual flush, the amount of water conserved would fill three Olympic swimming pools!

save water with a dual flush toilet
Sento dual flush toilet, VitrA.
Turn off the tap

Secondly: save water and money by turning off the basin tap between rinses. You use as much as 10 litres of water per minute if you leave the water running while brushing your teeth.

Choose a tap with an aerator

Thirdly, here’s an easy and quick way to save water: buy a tap with an aerator. A tap aerator lessens the flow of water, decreasing your water usage.

Use the European Water Label to find eco-friendly taps

Fourthly, look out for the European Water Label when buying taps. 70% of VitrA bathroom brassware falls into the best water-saving band of the European Water Label. This means it uses five litres or less of water per minute – in short, saving the planet and saving you money. In addition, VitrA’s adjustable brassware cartridges save up to 60% waste.

save water with Origin brassware
Origin Batarya brassware, Vitra.
Go for a shallower bath

Choose a bath with water-saving features such as a shallower depth. VitrA’s 1700mm Balance bath only requires 130 litres of water, while a standard bath requires an average of 192 litres. So you’ll save nearly a third every time you bathe. This is because the Balance bath has a slightly shallower depth with a generous angled recline so less water is needed to fill the bath.

shallow bath from VitrA
Balance bathtub, VitrA.
Buy a thermostatic shower

Thermostatic showers save water, because they’re set to a pre-fixed temperature. So you don’t need to waste water while adjusting the hot and cold taps.

a thermostatic shower
Aquaheat thermostatic shower, VitrA.
Choose a single lever tap

Single lever taps mean you can find your perfect temperature instantly, saving water, while with dual lever taps this takes longer, wasting more water.

We created this article in partnership with VitrA.

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