Inspiration gallery: freestanding baths

I love a good soak in the bath – bubbles up to my chin and my nose in my favourite book, maybe some candles if I’m feeling like I need a good dose of zen. Even as I write this (especially as the team and I have just put an issue of the magazine to press), I couldn’t think of anywhere else I’d rather be right now. If you asked me ‘bath or shower?’, I am definitely team bath.

When it comes to a bathroom renovation, your bath choice is an important decision.

Choice number one: fitted or freestanding?

I was faced with this dilemma during my own renovation. With a young family my head was saying fitted (it’s amazing how soaked a room can get when you have two splashing toddlers taking a bath together!) but from a design perspective I wanted a luxurious roll top.

A freestanding bath can give your bathroom that undeniable wow factor and instantly make the room feel more luxurious. Whether it’s centre stage in the middle of a room, under a window to make the most of a glorious view or tucked into a tight space, they are extremely versatile, and can instantly transform a room.

There are so many options now that a freestanding bath can suit any needs. Unlike fitted baths, freestanding tubs come with more options for tap placement; they can be mounted in the middle, to the side or at the end and affixed to the wall, bath edge or even the floor.

Also, due to their stand-alone nature, they are not confined to a bathroom and can be positioned virtually anywhere, often transforming a master suite.

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So if you’re sold on a freestanding tub (and why wouldn’t you be?) but you can’t decide which of the many styles to opt for take a look at my latest look book showcasing the very best in freestanding baths.

Create a traditional look with a claw-footed roll-top bath. I love this dark navy painted version for a contemporary twist on the traditional.

roll top freestanding bath

Burlington Bathrooms’ Bateau with chrome classical feet is priced £1348.

Sleek and simple, this freestanding bath oozes the look of a hotel-style bathroom. Consider a tub without a pre-drilled overflow. This allows you to site it lower than usual, reducing the possible fill depth and ultimately saving water.

white roll top bath

Esseta solid surface bath, available in the shown white or eight Colourkast shades, from £2550.

Freestanding baths don’t have to go in the bathroom – so why not add one to your bedroom for a boutique–hotel feel? Try something with a real wow-factor like this gold version.

Gold freestanding bathtub

Catchpole & Rye’s The Brass Bateau with nickel interior is priced £7200.

Smooth lines and an ergonomic shape give this freestanding bath from Roca, with its taps and handy ledge, true star appeal and positioned right next to this full length window it really makes the most of this view – and what an incredible view this one is!

The Surfex Bath with tapholes, £6427 and Beyond Rimless close-coupled WC, £562, both Roca.

Add a sense of modern luxury with different shapes and heights. The shape of this model is really unusual and works perfectly with the taller floor-standing tap.

Teardrop bath, £2399, Clearwater.

One of my favourite freestanding baths in our gallery is this uber-contemporary bath design, which has been paired with a brass wall mounted filler and shower to create a really striking urban feel.

Freestanding bath

Piet Boon and Cocoon’s brassware collection. this raw copper bath mixer costs £1160 from CP Hart.

The ultimate in luxurious bathing. This traditional white roll top from Victoria + Albert Baths transforms a fairly simple space into something much more impressive.

Freestanding bath

Shropshire Quarycast bath, £2320, Victoria + Albert Baths Image: Lilly Home + Design and Arc Creative Photography.

If you’ve got a lot of space to play with in your bathroom don’t feel like your tub has to go against a wall. One of the joys of a freestanding bath is that you can put it anywhere within your bathroom layout, as long as you can route the plumbing to its location.

Freestanding bath

Meisterstück Incava bath, from £6117.60, Kaldewei.

How about going bright for a real statement? This model from Albion features double ended curves and a purpose built plinth, cleverly concealing the waste system and can be painted in a range of Farrow & Ball and Dulux shades.

Freestanding bath

The Tubby Torre bath from Albion from £2,894.

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For a high-end look on a budget, mix and match high and low cost products to make your budget go further. Clever tiling and simple layout tricks – such as raising a freestanding bath – will create a designer finish. I’m a big fan of these gold taps and geometric black tiles!

Freestanding bath

Vetralla Bath, £2250, from Victoria + Albert Baths.

A large dark freestanding bath in a light and bright room will create an immediate impact, especially when paired with some patterned tiles or easy-to-clean vinyl like this cost-effective option from Carpetright.

Freestanding baths

Mardi Gras 599 Sagres, £15.99 per sq m, from Carpetright.

Featured image: Taking a bold approach with fittings as well as the bathroom’s layout can make inexpensive items appear high end. Vintage Wood Bianco anti-slip floor tiles, £49.95 sq m, Walls and Floors.

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