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    Ways with bathroom walls

    You’ve decided on the suite style and the colour theme but what about your bathroom walls? Gone are the days when simple white tiles were the main option (although don’t underestimate simple!). The choices for your family bathroom or ensuite are more creative than ever and you can really make a statement with your bathroom walls. The past couple of months have been bathroom-filled for me, having just completed our own family space, as part of a larger renovation. My…

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    First Time Renovator: The entrance hall

    The entrance hall of a property is important, it’s the first impression but also one of the most underrated spaces in a home, in my opinion. We use our entrance hall for a lot – storage of coats, shoes, boots – but for my family it is also where we gather together before (sometimes rather frantically) leaving the house. I had a few key things on my wishlist for our new space: Somewhere to store a lot of shoes, which…

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  • 6 ways to add wow to your bedroom

    A touch of glamour never hurts and giving your bedroom a fresh look is always a good idea! Think décor, architectural ideas, statement pieces and luxurious textures – we’ve rounded up…


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