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    My favourite ways to combine green and pink

    Green is my favourite – in all forms. It’s perfect in your kitchen, bedroom and even your bathroom. Teaming it with another colour can be tricky, though. Ever heard the phrase ‘blue and green should never be seen’? Not true. Great with charcoals, warm neutrals and complementing tones of lovely green, you can make it work. But my favourite way to match green is with pink. Soft dusky pink alongside an emerald green can make a dramatic statement, while grey-ish…

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    What to look for when buying an extractor

    I love cooking and baking, so know that having the right kit is essential. I don’t think my kitchen would be complete without a mixer and a good, reliable oven – and the team would miss out on the cakes and treats I bring in as a result, I’m sure (I asked them: they agreed!). One appliance that is absolutely crucial to any kitchen, and one that’s often forgotten about, is the extractor – or cooker hood. You don’t want…

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  • Ways with bathroom walls

    You’ve decided on the suite style and the colour theme but what about your bathroom walls? Gone are the days when simple white tiles were the main option (although don’t underestimate…

  • First Time Renovator: The entrance hall

    The entrance hall of a property is important, it’s the first impression but also one of the most underrated spaces in a home, in my opinion. We use our entrance hall…


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