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    6 ways to add wow to your bedroom

    A touch of glamour never hurts and giving your bedroom a fresh look is always a good idea! Think décor, architectural ideas, statement pieces and luxurious textures – we’ve rounded up the most show-stopping designs to make adding the wow factor back in your bedroom easier…

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    First Time Renovator: decorating the living room

    With the log burner fully installed it was time to start decorating the living room. I was desperate to have one room finished so we had somewhere to retreat to during the rest of the build. The walls were covered in some terrible cream wallpaper that had discoloured over the years, so the first job was to remove that. We worked tirelessly in the evenings after we had got the kids to bed and at weekends, we would take it…

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  • Sink

    Butler sinks: need to know buying tips

    You can’t simply slot a butler sink into your existing design, so you’ll most likely be buying one as part of a new kitchen. Decide early if you want to go…

  • Barbecue

    Barbecues: need to know buying tips

    With British summers, you can never be too sure when you’ll be able to dine outside – but you can be prepared by having the right equipment. When those coveted sunny days…

  • Inspiration gallery: small kitchen ideas

    Living in a tiny Victorian cottage I am no stranger to smaller rooms but with the right design and planning, I have learned that small can be both beautiful and functional…


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