Kids’ bedroom renovation: First Time Renovator

different before and after shots of a kids' bedroom renovation

After shelving our original plans for the upstairs renovation – at least for a while – my family and I were moving forward with our plan B for the kids’ bedroom renovation. The plan: create an amazing joint space for my two boys. Including den-type beds and a great play area with ample storage for toys and books.

The structure for the kids’ bedroom renovation was now all there and we’d finished the plastering. Next I needed to choose some flooring, radiators and new windows. The windows were a simple choice because I wanted them to match the rest of the house, timber with old-style handles.

My partner Tony and I also knew that we wanted some radiators to match those in the living room. We were now in a better position than we had been before. We had a list of contractors and tradespeople to call on when we needed them. The builders for the kids’ bedroom renovation were great. They came back regularly to finish odd jobs.

the space before a kids' bedroom renovation
Kids’ bedroom renovation: The plastering was finished, next came the flooring, radiators and windows.

The flooring was more tricky because we weren’t quite sure what would be best in this space. I knew we needed something hardwearing. Stripping back the floorboards, like we had done in the master bedroom, was not possible. This is because the boards were in bad condition.

We looked at rubber flooring, carpet and real wood but eventually opted for white wood-look laminate. We chose it because it would be warm and solid enough for the boys to play on. Tony fitted this himself and I’m really pleased with the finish.

a family decorating a large room with bare floorboards
Kids’ bedroom renovation: The finishing touches and decorating were a real family effort – we all had jobs to do.
the kids bedroom renovation featuring den-style beds
Kids’ bedroom renovation: The boys were so pleased with their den-style beds and it freed up so much floor space for playing.

Shopping around for bed frames

We shopped around for low bed frames and mattresses to go inside the den area. It turned out that Amazon had everything we needed in all different sizes. I painted the inside of the den area a really dark blue, Rumour from Graham & Brown, so it could be like the night sky. My plan is to put planet stickers on the ceiling – I love these from Etsy.

two beds with superhero duvet covers and cuddly toys in a den
Kids’ bedroom renovation: The boys love their den beds.
a kids bedroom renovation with cuddly toys, seating and cushions
Kids’ bedroom renovation: The reading area is great for a bedtime story.
books on shelves on the wall

Reading has always been very important to us – we read at least one story every night, so I wanted to create a reading corner. I would still like some comfy beanbags here and some more shelving for more books. We use this space so much!

a kids bedroom renovation featuring white and navy storage cubes, beds in a den and a rug on the floor
Kids’ bedroom renovation: the boys have so much floor space now. I made sure we had lots of boxes for toy storage. We’ve labelled each and are careful to put the toys back in the right places so they are easy to find next time.
the finished kids' bedroom renovation with green and white storage, a traditional white radiator, a black and yellow laundry basket and a rug on the floor

Although we weren’t able to add the extra bedroom we had hoped for, this kids’ bedroom renovation is perfect for the boys. They have the space to play and learn and also a really fun sleeping area. I think we have really made the most of the space.

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Featured image: The before and after are quite a transformation.

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