Now you see it, now you don’t: Hidden kitchens that look super cool

Hidden kitchens are a clever trend which has become even more popular in the last couple of years. Imagine a luxurious open-plan space with ample storage and a cool streamlined design. Behind some clever pocket doors is your fully functioning kitchen, conveniently located in one area – you can close it away when not in use, making the most of all your space.

Another major benefit of a hidden kitchen is that you can simply close off the clutter and dirty dishes and make the rest of the space feel clear and serene. I don’t know about you but I’m sold! Our house is manic in the mornings, there are lots of different types of breakfast to prepare, packed lunches to make, tea, coffee, juice and there often isn’t the time before work to clear everything away.

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Check out some of my favourite hidden kitchen ideas right here…

A hidden kitchen is ideal for open-plan spaces and smaller homes. Essentials such as a fridge-freezer, oven and dishwasher are all included in this slim-profile kitchen, with pocket bi-fold doors to seamlessly close it all away when not in use. Life Kitchens start from £25,000.
Sliding doors are a flexible way to allow you to switch between open shelving and practical cupboard space – great for hiding away clutter in chaotic times. Caudro marble-look sliding doors in ceramic in Calacatta Silk; Rational kitchens start from £10,000.
This kitchen scheme cleverly incorporates a home office, cocktail cabinet, and breakfast pantry, all hidden behind bespoke oak cabinetry leaving the living area feeling calm and uncluttered. Prices for bespoke kitchens from Blakes London start from £45,000.
Hidden kitchen
Wood panelling isn’t only for living spaces and bedrooms – it can help your scheme blend into your open-plan kitchen-diner. A pull-out larder, storage, appliances and sink are concealed behind this Atlante walnut panelling from L’Ottocento. The kitchen shown costs around £72,745 (€80,000).
Hidden kitchen
This hidden kitchen design from expert Daniel Gold and designer Danila Di Andrea at Tiles & Baths Direct is a practical and stylish solution for an elegant open-plan room. With the doors closed, cooking and clutter are hidden from sight. Photography: Paul Craig
Hidden kitchen
The doors of these hidden kitchen cabinets pull open and slide away to allow open access to the interior. Sink and taps, Blanco. Photography: Paul Craig
Hidden kitchen
Pocket doors open to reveal a combination microwave above a single oven, both from Miele, with drawers and shelves below offering additional storage. Photography: Paul Craig

Featured image: Another view of the project above from kitchen expert Daniel Gold and designer Danila Di Andrea at Tiles & Baths Direct. Featuring pocket doors, the kitchen unit, from Italian company Cesar via Tiles & Baths Direct, is finished in Plumbeo structured matt lacquer. Interior design, Saadi Homes. Photography: Paul Craig

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