Adding value to your home: kitchen design tips and ideas

Have you ever wondered if your kitchen could be the key to boosting your home’s value? Spoiler alert: it just might be.

Whether you’re thinking about selling your home in the future or are just craving a refresh, upgrading your kitchen can be a great way of boosting your home’s overall value – from quick and easy tweaks to a grand extension.

And fear not, we’ve got a treasure trove of tips waiting for you…

White cottage style space that fits in with the home's architecture
Preloved kitchen from Rehome.

Timeless kitchen styles

The look of your kitchen is a good starting point so make sure that the cabinetry is made from quality materials and has a timeless appeal. But is there such a thing as a universally liked kitchen style that can help you add value and secure a reasonable sale price on your home in the future?

“A great kitchen is always subjective,” advises Helen Lord, founder of Rehome. “Whilst some homeowners love modern, sleek handleless kitchens, others prefer a more bespoke traditional design. In-frame contemporary takes on the universally popular Shaker style can offer an alternative especially when painted in bold colours from the likes of Farrow & Ball. I believe it is better to go for a cohesive look that fits in with the overall style and feel of your property.”

Green handmade kitchen with Crittal windows
Shaker kitchen by Harvey Jones.

Handmade kitchens

A well-designed scheme with high-quality handmade cabinetry and plenty of storage solutions can help increase the value of the home. “One often overlooked aspect of kitchen design is handmade cabinetry,” says Melissa Klink, creative director at Harvey Jones. “It is far more elegant and appealing for your home, and buyers will appreciate this thoughtful addition. This refined exterior creates a more considered space than mass-produced cabinetry.”

Adding creative storage solutions is also a great way to add value to the kitchen. “Behind every cabinet and drawer should be a wonderful world of organisation,” she continues. “Designing a kitchen that has superior storage and functionality behind a beautiful exterior will not only add value to the home but it will also add value to your day-to-day living. Options like a hidden larder or adjoining utility, are also great features for adding value.”

adding value to your kitchen white kitchen
The Hambleton Slim Shaker kitchen in Clay by Smile Kitchens.

Neutral-coloured cabinets

Considering selling your home in the future? Choosing neutral cabinetry is always a sensible choice. “If you are looking to add value to your property, then it is vital that you invest in good quality and neutral products in the kitchen,” suggests Jane Thyeson, design lead at Smile Kitchens. “White and other neutral colours are universally appealing and are unlikely to put buyers off in the way a bright or radical colour choice might. Whilst you might love your favourite vibrant shade in the kitchen, not everyone will agree.

“Light and neutral doors, worktops and decoration have been proven to help sell homes faster than their colourful counterparts. It is always advisable to give future buyers the easy option rather than the one they may have to consider replacing. Keep in mind the quality and durability of the products you select and how often they will need to be updated. For example, a quartz or granite worktop could last for decades and even into future kitchens.”

adding value to your kitchen Blue open-plan kitchen
The Austin collection in midnight blue by Symphony.

Extensive renovations that help add value

Side and rear extensions are another clever way of increasing the value of your home. While the investment upfront is considerable, the return is most certainly worth it. “To increase the value of a home, there are several extensions or larger renovations to consider,” says Josie Medved, design manager at Symphony. “The top extensions include adding space at the back or side of a house to create a larger kitchen, doing a single or two-storey extension to create an extra bedroom, and adding a conservatory or sunroom.

“The top larger renovations include combining two or three rooms to create an open plan kitchen, dining, and living area, converting the loft into an additional bedroom and en-suite, and reconfiguring rooms to create a downstairs WC and cloakroom or utility and bootility room.”

Green kitchen with lots of plants
Kitchen design by Wilson & Stone.

Quick fixes to add value

But what can you do to add value to your kitchen when you don’t want to renovate the entire space or are working with a tight budget? You will be surprised how a fresh coat of paint or swapping old tiles can help.

“Start by upgrading fixtures and hardware, replacing dated cabinet handles and taps with more contemporary options,” advises Molly Chandler, designer at Willis & Stone. “Consider adding a stylish backsplash for visual interest, and strategically update essential appliances or install a new sink to elevate functionality and aesthetics. Upgrading lighting fixtures and investing in quality storage containers can create a more modern and organised feel.

“Additionally, open shelving, a touch of greenery, and small décor elements can further enhance the kitchen’s appeal without the need for a major overhaul. These incremental improvements collectively contribute to a more attractive and valuable kitchen space.”

If you are looking for more advice on kitchen extensions, then check out our February issue on sale now or via Readly

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