How to use micro mosaic tiles in your kitchen or bathroom

Slim, sleek and stylish – micro mosaic tiles are on the rise! From elevating your kitchen splashback to cladding your fitted tub, we’ve got plenty of ideas to help you welcome them into your scheme.

Also known as kit-kat, bamboo, or stick, micro mosaic tiles are perfect for taking your kitchen or bathroom to the next level. “Available in porcelain, ceramic as well as marble, they can be laid both horizontally or vertically to create interest and add texture to spaces,” says Louisa Morgan, creative director at Mandarin Stone

They are available in a wide range of shades, from muted pastels to vibrant colours, and offer you a wide scope of design opportunities. “While bamboo tiles are striking, the subtle colourways that are typically available in this format allow for them to become a feature, without being overpowering,” explains Grazzie Wilson, head of creative at Ca’ Pietra.

Kitchen design with micro mosaic tiles in green with coloured grout.
Deco Pottery Apple by Gayafores 32cm x 62.5cm, Tile of Spain.
Pink bathroom design with pink wash basin, neutral towel holder and green mirror.
Iggy Pink Gloss porcelain mosaic, £98.92 per sq m, Mandarin Stone.

What’s more, micro mosaic tiles are available in matt or gloss finishes. “Glazed kit-kat-shaped tiles have a linear appearance that’s pared back but very aesthetically effective. Our Zeze range, in this vertical matchstick style, has a finish based on traditional Japanese glazing techniques,” says Robert Whitaker, creative director at Claybrook.

“Lighter shades of tile add a neutral touch; playing their part in a refurbishment scheme with pretty subtlety without being invisible. Pair with apricot, peach, or off-whites for a serene feel in bathrooms, or as a kitchen splashback with pale countertops,” advises Robert.

Green kitchen design with slim tiles, brass rod with essentials and tools, marble splashback and worktop and kitchenalia.
Zeze Bonsai mosaic tiles, £99.96 per sq m, Claybrook.

How to use micro mosaic tiles

The best bit about these sleek tiles is that you can use them creatively in your kitchen or bathroom. For example, thanks to their versatility and charm, you can lay your bamboo tiles full-height in your bathroom to achieve a stand-out feature, as a splashback to add interest to your kitchen, or even to elevate compact storage niches.

“Slim, micro tiles are great for kitchens and bathrooms as their compact size means you can create some really intricate and stunning designs, perfect for splashbacks or accent walls,” says Ben Willis, tile specialist at Willis & Stone. “Their slim profile also means they can be fitted into smaller, tighter spaces or around obstacles like plug sockets etc, more easily,” he adds.

Kitchen splashback with micro mosaic tiles in a neutral colourway.
Rubik Greige kit-kat effect gloss ceramic wall tile, £26.99 per sq m, Tile Mountain.

If you’re looking to upgrade your bathroom, Grazzie says they are a great way of adding depth and texture to a space. “Lay them vertically and they elongate a room, their slim format means that they also create a waterfall-like effect which enhances the relaxed feeling that you may want to create in a bathroom,” she advises.

Bathroom design with walk-in shower and black brassware.
Bamboo porcelain mosaic tiles in white, £16.15 per sheet, Ca’ Pietra. Photography: Roper Rhodes.

If you’re feeling extra, achieve a statement look by drenching your bathroom in micro mosaic tiles – from cladding your fitted tub and shower to the basin area. Or you can use different colourways to create your own micro mosaic tile pattern – stripes and the chequerboard print are just two of the most popular patterns of 2024. Remember to always add a touch of personality into your design.

Fitted bath clad in micro mosaic tiles with neutral radiator above and gold brassware.
Design by The Tap End.


In terms of materials, porcelain is a great moisture-resistant option, perfect for use in the kitchen or bathroom. It’s also worth noting that these bamboo tiles have more grout lines which might be a bit harder to maintain, especially in these rooms where moisture or grease are often present, Ben explains. 

“The installation can also take longer simply due to their size, which may increase costs if you are having someone in to do it for you. This may also mean they are less suitable for covering larger areas efficiently. That said, some designs actually come as sheets as opposed to individual tiles which improves fitting times and makes it a lot easier,” he adds. Sorted!

Blue kitchen design with brass tap and white surfaces and sink.
Spirit Marine Blue Gloss kit-kat mosaic porcelain wall tiles, Walls & Floors.
Bathroom design with wood washstand, brass basin and tap, and neutral tiles on the walls and floor.
Ca’ Pietra Island Marble bamboo mosaic, £15.53 per sheet, available at Willis & Stone.
Bathroom design with pink tiles on half the wall with a modern washstand and circular basin.
Sundae Strawberry kit-kat tiles, from £67.99 per sq m, Quorn Stone.

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