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    What to look for when buying a fridge-freezer

    A fridge-freezer is an integral part of any kitchen and the latest models have come a long way from the 1970s, when they first became a common household appliance. Did you know that you can now log the contents of your fridge without even opening it? That’s exactly what some of the latest smart designs offer – a free phone app that is linked to a camera in your fridge so you can see what you need to stock up…

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  • Inspiration gallery: green kitchens

    Sage, emerald, mint, lime… I love the colour green in all it’s tones. I’m even thinking about how I can get the shade into my own home renovation (which is slowly…

  • Green pantry

    10 ways to create your perfect larder

    For me, having enough room for pantry is right at the top of my wishlist. I'm a keen cook, so having a dedicate spot for all my jars, dried goods and…

  • Blue kitchen with island

    Find your perfect kitchen layout

    Whether you’re a budding chef who wants an island with a multitude of hobs on display, or more of a Carrie Bradshaw who notoriously used her kitchen so little that she…

  • Kitchen featuring black and white islands with seating

    How to design a kitchen island

    Kitchen islands are so delightfully versatile: a place to chop veg, have a quick breakfast, stage far-too-silly photo sessions with your friends. But apart from being ideal to dance on (just…


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