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  • First Time Renovator: planning permission

    Planning permission was first on the agenda but where to start with a grade-2 listed property? I knew a friend who recently had some walls replaced in the garden of her…

  • Master bedroom

    First Time Renovator: moving in day

    With moving in day finally upon us it’s safe to say that we didn’t know much about renovating before we took on the mammoth task of gutting and extending our little…

  • Blue kitchen with island

    Find your perfect kitchen layout

    Whether you’re a budding chef who wants an island with a multitude of hobs on display, or more of a Carrie Bradshaw who notoriously used her kitchen so little that she…

  • Dark grey dishwasher

    What to look for when buying a dishwasher

    Let me admit something to you: I think dishwashers are completely underrated. Yes, they don’t get the praise they deserve. I mean, aside from saving many an argument about who’s doing…

  • first time renovator cottage

    First Time Renovator: starting out

    I love old houses. The one I grew up in was 500 years old. The heating creaked the floorboards at night, the walls were slightly warped and (to my sister’s terror)…

  • Built-in wine storage

    Five wine storage tips you need to know

    Whether you’re full-bodied Malbec drinker or prefer sipping on a Sauvignon Blanc, here are some important factors to consider for keeping your wine in tip-top condition. By now, most of us…


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