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Keeping kitchens, bedrooms and bathrooms hygienic has never been more of a top priority – since Covid, sanitising surfaces has become second nature. But chemicals and anti-bacterial wipes damage the environment. So it’s time to give ethical, eco-friendly alternatives a try to keep your home squeaky clean. Here are our favourite sustainable cleaning products.

From plant-based loo cleaner and non-toxic formulas to tree-free kitchen towels and natural glass cleaners, I’ve already got these sustainable cleaning products in my shopping cart…

a bottle of Wilton glass cleaner for sustainable cleaning, next to a cloth
Sustainable cleaning products: firstly, is it time to give your windows a clean? Give yours a spritz with Lemon Myrtle glass cleaner, £3.50 for 725ml, from Wilton London. Ammonia free and naturally scented, it’s plant based, biodegradable and non-toxic, plus it comes in recycled bottles.
a glass bottle of Raindrop spray
Secondly: Raindrop is an eco-friendly cleaning range that combines recycled glass bottles with top-up pods. Simply drop one in, add tap water, and you’re ready to go. Plus, 10% of profits are donated to anti-plastic waste charities. A starter pack costs £29.99.
two rolls of kitchen towels on a kitchen worktop next to a big bunch of flowers
Sustainable cleaning products: thirdly, cleaning more often can mean using extra disposables. Minimise your impact with Bumboo’s tree-free kitchen towel, made from bamboo, priced £24 for 12 individually wrapped rolls.
a bottle of KINN eco-friendly sustainable cleaning fluid
Sustainable cleaning products: The KINN eco-friendly lavender and rosemary scented bathroom cleaner will help you tackle grime and limescale. It is free from petrochemicals, phosphates, enzymes, synthetic fragrance, harsh chemicals, and is not tested on animals. Prices start at £4.25.
a bottle of Delphis antibacterial sanitiser
Delphis has spent a decade making plant-based cleaners for schools, hospitals and restaurants that can compete with chemical products. Find the new range of 10 products at Waitrose, Ocado and Robert Dyas, with prices starting from £3.
a bottle of Spruce sustainable cleaning spray
Sustainable cleaning products: Made with eucalyptus essential oil, this non-toxic, non-abrasive formula will whisk away soap scum and limescale, but the clever bit is the reusable aluminium bottles. Just add the concentrated refill sachet and water to refresh them. There’s a multi-purpose cleaner too. Spruce bathroom cleaner, £12.50 for starter kit, £3.50 for subscription refills.

More eco-friendly ethical alternatives

a bottle of Geranium leaf sustainable cleaning spray
The Colt & Willow eco-friendly Geranium Leaf all-purpose cleaner, £12, is plant based and biodegradable and it comes in a refillable long-life glass bottle. It has no harsh detergents, parabens or SLS, and works perfectly on surfaces like stove tops, tiles, bench tops, laminates, high chairs and door handles.
a bottle of Squeeky fluid and concentrate
Sustainable cleaning products: Suitable for most surfaces, including marble and granite, this plant-based cleaner features essential oils. But it can kill over 99.9% of germs and viruses. Plus the aluminium bottles can be topped up with refills (which contain two doses) and water. The range includes cleaners for glass, floors and bathrooms. Squeeky Multipurpose cleaner, £7.99 for Life Bottle, £7.99 for refills.
a bottle of Method multi-surface sustainable cleaning spray
Method multi-surface cleaner, £3, has a new tropical magnolia scent to bring you that holiday feeling, even when tidying the home. It features biodegradable ingredients and cleaners that come from corn and coconut. It also leaves a fresh smell behind. Use it to remove any grease and grime and have squeaky clean surfaces.

More suggestions for a sustainable home

a bottle of Norfolk Natural Living loo spray
Sustainable cleaning products: Don’t tip bleach down the WC. Instead, give your pan a squirt of this plant-based, non-toxic Norfolk Natural Living loo cleaner, £9. It features lemongrass and rose oil and is scented with either rose or lavender, yet still shifts limescale and marks with ease. Plus it comes in a 100% recyclable bottle.
a bottle of Neat sustainable cleaning water
The neat multi surface cleaner, £9, available at Eco Living + Sustainable Home works well on most surfaces. These include wood, glass, stainless steel, tile, laminates, sealed stone, granite and marble, but not unsealed stone, granite or marble. Just add water at home and mix it in a reusable bottle for an instant cleaning spray that’s good for the environment.
a can of Deft sanitising spray
Sustainable cleaning products: Sanitise surfaces with the Deft Advanced kitchen cleaner in Tangerine Dream, £4.99, available at Lakeland. It has a non-toxic, plant-based formula, and it comes in a fully recyclable bottle. However, don’t use it on enamel, paint or marble, as it isn’t suitable.

So now you know about these sustainable cleaning products. Why not also read our feature on sustainable interiors?

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