Pink and green bathroom: how we created a whimsical scheme

The distinctive style of the film Grand Budapest Hotel inspired this playful pink and green bathroom, by Shona East of @honeyjoyhome. Here, she tells us how the design came together…

“The inspiration began with a vintage pink sink I bought on Facebook Marketplace for £25. I had just watched Wes Anderson’s Grand Budapest Hotel and I wanted to capture that pastel and Art Deco vibe and his classic symmetrical style,” says Shona.

The whole colour scheme started with this pink basin
Pink basin? Yes, please!

“Perfect symmetry was achieved with wall lights on either side of the mirror and graphic floor tiles. We brought all these things together to create this pink and green bathroom.

“I needed to create a delicate balance because there are luxurious elements, like the deep, roll-top bath, matching cast-iron radiator and rainfall showerhead. But there’s also a touch of whimsy and a sense of humour with the fire-escape shelves and ice-cream planter.”

Whimsical elements of the bathroom include the stairs and the mirror
Shona mixed and matched wallpaper and tiles for a playful look.

Pink and green bathroom

“We were renovating the whole house at the time, and I took the Ca’ Pietra floor tiles from our delayed kitchen renovation. They work perfectly here, combining the different colours and adding a playful vibe. The finishing touch was the Miss Print wallpaper, which feels as though it was made for this room. There are a lot of different patterns in the space, but the main shades, pink and turquoise, help to avoid overwhelming it.

“Our excellent builder installed the bathroom’s main fixtures, making the installation process so smooth. I painted the bath and radiator myself, matching their colour to the sink. I took my time doing all the correct primer and preparation steps in order to make sure that the paint will last a long time.”

Pink and green bathroom with pink bath and cast iron pink radiator
The bath matches the pink basin.

“The original bathroom was not a selling point when we bought the house – it had cracked lino flooring, mouldy tiles and a shower that looked like it was last switched on in the 1960s. The bathroom needed to be completely stripped out and replaced. But somehow we managed to live with it like that for more than a year while we renovated some of the other areas.

“The whole house has a similar colour palette and vibe, so the whimsical bathroom fits in perfectly with the rest of our home and family.

“It’s a tiny room, just 1.9 m by 1.6 m. So, we had to think carefully about the redesign, to ensure we made the most of the space. We opted for a smaller-than-normal bath, to fit under the window and, in fact, it’s the perfect size for sitting up in and reading. The bathroom was finally functional at 3pm on Christmas Eve and having a deep soak on Christmas morning was the best present I could have hoped for. Santa came early that year!”

Tour the pink and green bathroom

Shona’s words of wisdom

  • Think you don’t have room for a bath? You might find you can squeeze in a smaller tub or a deep, Japanese-style plunge pool.
  • Use wallpaper but, if it’s very humid, you may need a coat of matt decorator’s varnish over the top.
  • If you don’t like the colour of your bath, paint it! Primer, eggshell and a top coat work well on most acrylic surfaces.
  • Consider adding underfloor heating if you don’t have space for a radiator.
  • Don’t be afraid to use colour and pattern in a small space. But stick to a limited palette so that it doesn’t overwhelm you.
An overview of the pink and green bathroom
Dare to go bold and decorate with colour, but stick to a limited palette such as pink and green.

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