Bathscaping: what is it and how to get it right

Bathscaping? Heard of it? Me neither until recently. Much like #cottagecore, it’s the latest micro trend to rise from social platforms such as Instagram. Now, I know you’ll have seen bathrooms decked out with lots of stylish fittings if you’ve used social media for renovation inspiration, so you’ve probably seen this trend before it had a name – and well, now it does. Bathscaping.

So what is bathscaping anyway? Put simply, it’s about adding softer touches to your bathroom to style the space in a way that is the most inviting. After the year we’ve all had, we have sought solace and relaxation and allowed ourselves time to enjoy home comforts and simple pleasures, such as taking a nice, long, hot bath – with the perfect ‘landscape’ or ‘bathscape’, geddit?

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I spotted some design ideas for bathscaping from John Lewis & Partners, so I asked their bathshop assistant buyer Rosie Chalk for her tips on bathscaping success. She said: “Our customers love natural materials which is why we introduced our bamboo range earlier this year. Mixing natural materials with plants, candles and music creates the ideal bathscape. A truly relaxing atmosphere and a chance to forget about the daily troubles.” Ok, sounds good.

What you need for bathscaping success:

  • Plants (real or faux). Adding a touch of nature to a space is proven to help reduce stress levels while many plants such as palms, bamboo and ivy thrive in wet environents.
  • Candles or room fragrance of your choice.
  • A shelf or stool to display a carefully curated selection of trinkets and good-quality towels, natural sponges and fluffy flannels.
  • A bath board so you can prop up your book and have a drink to hand while you’re enjoying me-time.
  • Good lighting (read more on bathroom lighting here).
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Let’s see some bathscaping in action…

Set the bathscaping scene right from the start of a bathroom design and create a stylish backdrop. The wall cladding and skirting in this bathroom provide the ideal base for a cosy, country-style room and help the bathroom feel less like a typical bathroom and more like a comfortable living space. The cladding and towel ladder are by Richard Burbidge and the Light Icaria Oak from Atkinson & Kirby’s Luxury Vinyl Tile collection.
A bath board is a bathscaping necessity. Keep your pamper essentials close to hand while you soak and use it to style your bathroom so it looks super inviting at all times. Bath bridge, John Lewis & Partners.
Lighting really can make or break a bathroom. You need bright task lighting so you can see what you’re doing when getting ready, but you don’t want that glare when you’re trying to relax. Set the mood by layering light and don’t forget to add a dimmer switch so you can control the brighness. Of course, lanterns help, too. Cape Cod bath, designed by Philippe Starck, £2916, Duravit.
You don’t have to go OTT with bathscaping. A small plant here and there, good-quality towels close to hand and a small stool to use as a handy side table will do the trick. Westbury vanity unit in Stoneywell Slate, part of the Radcliffe Westbury Furniture Collection by Imperial Bathrooms.
Wall cladding, check. Bath board, check. Plant and small sheft, check. A few simple additions will make your bathroom feel more inviting. Time for a soak? Milano Overton white modern oval double-ended freestanding bath, £679.99, Big Bathroom Shop.
The perfect accessory for a romantic night in or an evening of self-care! The Tombolo bath rack, £335, from Victoria + Albert Baths is made from solid wood, available in three finishes – walnut, oak and white – with two integrated champagne flute holders – perfect for double bathers.

Featured image: John Lewis & Partners.

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