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    Large kitchen extension to barn conversion

    barn conversion kitchen

    You wait ages for a bus and then three come along at once. This happens to me most mornings and oh what a joy! Imagine planning a kitchen renovation for a year and waiting patiently for your builder to fit you in and then receiving a call to say he can start four days later. Four days. What? Wow, ok. All. systems. go. Suzanna Edwards laughs when she tells me the tale of when her builder called one quiet Sunday…

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    How to renovate a small kitchen

    Tomas-kitchen-living-small kitchen

    Yes, a bigger kitchen may be slightly easier to design and include all of those things you’ve got on your wishlist (mine includes a hot-water tap, breakfast cupboard, larder unit and bar area for starters), but with careful planning, a little imagination, and thoughtful ideas, you can make the most of your teeny space while still maintaining that all-important style and practicality. Let’s take a look how, shall we…

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    7 things you need to do to sleep well

    Are you a morning lark or a night owl? I asked the team and most said they were night owls. I’ve given this some serious thought and come to the conclusion…


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