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    Black Friday 2020: how to shop wisely and bag a bargain

    If you’re planning a renovation, such as a new kitchen, or want to get those finishing touches sorted by the end of the year, Black Friday could be a great opportunity to buy big-ticket items such as appliances. “Shop wisely” is my motto, but before I click buy, I’m following these tips – all from consumer shopping experts so join me in heading their advice…

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    Classic bathroom basins that look great in modern spaces

    There’s been an exciting shift in bathroom design in the last few years – it’s now really cool to add whatever the heck you like to your scheme*. By which I mean it’s goodbye to the trusty bathroom ‘suite’ that saw years and years (and years!) of popularity and a big hello to mix and match schemes that ooze personality. Want to mix classic bathroom basins with a slick freestanding bath or frameless shower enclosure? Go for it. Fancy traditional…

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  • How to choose the right duvet

    I’ve probably mentioned it before, but I am a big bed bunny. Always have been, always will be. Come 10pm or so, I am ready to get cocooned in my quilt…


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