Bedroom trends for 2023

Are you planning a bedroom renovation? Or maybe you’re simply looking for some inspiration to give your space a quick update? Whatever it is, you’ve come to the right place to explore *the* looks that are set to shape this year in interiors.

When talking about latest trends for bedrooms, there are three styles we are bound to see more and more of – are you ready to explore them?

Large-patterned murals

A large-scale floral mural in shades of deep green, pink, and orange
Florenzia Terrazzo bespoke mural, £35 per sq m, Graham & Brown.

Tired of your bedroom walls? Make a statement with big and bold patterned coverings.

Chelsea Clark, head of brand at I Love Wallpaper, explains that a bold, layered design with assorted patterns is one of the latest trends for bedrooms, because it’s a great way to add colour, depth, and texture to your space.

However, if you are more of a minimalist or conservative with colour, choosing a neutral solution, which features botanical or tropical motifs, is ideal for refreshing your scheme.

Murals are one of the latest trends for bedrooms – such as this blue design miming the veins on a plantain leaf
Plantain leaf mural in navy and white, £125 per roll, I Love Wallpaper.

“Life-like patterns of skies and scenic landscapes can help provide a relaxing and calming feel, perfect for winding down the evenings,” advises Chelsea.

Rest assured that installing a mural – one of the latest trends for bedrooms that’s here to stay – is similar to the classic wallpaper process. Before purchasing your design, ensure you’ve noted down the right dimensions of your wall. For a smooth application, sand, seal, prime and paste the surface before laying your mural. 

Shop the look

Floral wallpaper murals are one of the lates trends for bedrooms
1 Weeping Willows mural in Jade, £37.68 per sq m, Rebel Walls. 2 Garden of Eden mural in natural, £37.50 per sq m, Woodchip & Magnolia. 3 Quin vintage tropical wallpaper mural, from £32 per sq m, Bobbi Beck. 4 Textured Palm mural in Petrol and Straw, £189 per mural, Ohpopsi.

Cool ceilings are one of the latest trends for bedrooms

Decorating the fifth wall is always a clever way to take your home style one step further. Dare to go bold and play with paint shades, wallpaper designs and standout murals. This technique is especially helpful if you’ve got high ceilings.

A bedroom with a dark blue ceiling featuring a cherry blossom motif
This bedroom design by AMC Design features a bold, painted ceiling with floral motifs.

Justyna Korczynska, senior designer at Crown, recommends going beyond where your walls end with your chosen wallcoverings to create a focal point in your bedroom. “You can be more adventurous by continuing the paint around the corners and across the ceiling, enveloping a whole section of the room in the feature colour,” she says.

A bedroom with a ceiling painted in a blue and peach checkerboard pattern
Serene Neutral, Calming Blue, and Serene Peach emulsion paint, £21 for 1 litre each, Yescolours.

If your ceilings are low, Justyna suggests opting for lighter shades and keeping dark hues on the bottom half of the walls. This way, this is one of the latest trends for bedrooms that really works for every space, no matter its size.

A bedroom featuring duck egg blue wallpaper with a floral pattern, covering all walls including the ceiling
Floral Bath mural wallpaper in blue, £195 per roll, Sian Zeng.

In case you are feeling creative or have a passion for patterns, why not use stencils or even hand-paint intricate motifs on your ceiling to achieve a truly unique design? 

Neutral havens

Bedrooms should be seen as a much-needed calming oasis, designed for recharging. This colour palette reflects just that.

Calm, neutral spaces are one of the latest trends for bedrooms
Lema MyNight bed, from £5740, Go Modern.

Pick from an array of sophisticated neutrals such as taupe, ivory and alabaster, and add nature-inspired hues, from terracotta to moss.

To create the calmest of the latest trends for bedrooms in your home, opt for pared-back furniture made from wood, with simple lines, and tactile seating focused on comfort, such as bouclé armchairs.

A grey bed in a neutral space
Wisteria king-size divan in Bone (Grade 5) fabric with flat base, £1995, Button & Sprung.

Adam Black, co-founder at Button & Sprung, has seen the interest in Scandi-inspired interiors increase. “Made up of rustic elements and layered textures, they make for a relaxing, comfortable environment. Soft neutrals can create a calm and uplifting space,” he explains.

Decorate with natural materials, including jute, rattan and linen, and organic-shaped accessories.

Shop the latest neutral trends for bedrooms

Dark wooden furniture and pieces in light colours are key for this latest trend for bedrooms
1 Halle five-drawer tallboy chest of drawers in light brown, mango wood and brass, £549, Swoon. 2 Eichholtz Manzo chair in boucle cream, £1900, Sweetpea & Willow. 3 Small Kate side table in ivory, £115, Rose & Grey. 4 Chit Chat bed in Egg Box clever vintage linen, £1295, Loaf.
Neutral soft furnishings in shades of beige, including wall paint, a cushion, a linen lampshade, and bedding
1 Old White satin paint, £24.95 for 750ml, Annie Sloan. 2 Siya collapsible large linen lampshade, £49, Lights & Lamps. 3 Oatmeal bedtime bundle, from £263, Piglet in Bed. 4 Scandi boho striped cushion, £17, Albert & Moo.

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