Trend alert: Rattan accents that feel like summer

From furniture to décor, this texture will bring a rustic touch and a bohemian feeling to your home. So, here is how you can add the popular rattan to your kitchen, bedroom and bathroom.

In the kitchen

The dining area

I believe that the kitchen is the hub of a home and, together with the dining area, it has become the space I’ve been spending most of my time in these past couple months  yes, it now doubles as a home office, does yours, too?

For a minimalist look, choose a neutral toned dining table and add rattan chairs for that warm, bohemian touch. I can see this as my new office chair…

Create a minimal look with an oak dining table and a couple natural rattan chairs, £225 each – for extra comfort add the Tibetan Sheepskin seat pad in Arctic Sunrise, £45, all from Cox & Cox.

Boost your breakfast bar

Elevate your kitchen island with a couple rattan stools I love this kitchen design by Day True which brings together the modern and bohemian styles. Bar stools are an easy way to change up the look that won’t cost too much or be too much of an upheaval – bonus.

Day True bar stools
Add a rustic touch with rattan bar stools – kitchens by Day True start from £25,000.

Set the table – summer style

You can go for rattan as a predominant texture for your summer tablescaping. Update your dining area with hand woven placemats. These rattan charger plates from Rebecca Udall are perfect for adding depth to your dining table. The great thing about these rattan plates is that they are locally sourced and made from sustainable materials.

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Tip: Play with colourful shades of blue, orange and yellow to create a Mediterranean-inspired look.  

Add depth to your table with rattan charger plates like these ones from Rebecca Udall in natural, priced £13 each.

Add rattan accessories

An easy way of adopting this trend in your home is through accessories – store your freshly baked pastries in a rattan bread bin like the Key Largo bread bin, £39, from Maine Furniture Company. You can store your most used cutlery and favourite condiments in a hand woven holder. Plus, these kitchen accessories are perfect for both indoor and outdoor dining.

In your bedrooms 

Start with the bed

Do you want to change the aesthetic of your bedroom? Then, go for a rattan bed frame, which will completely change the look and feel of the room. However, to have the highest level of comfort make sure you choose a comfortable mattress – here are our top buying tips.  

Get the look in your bedroom with Habitat‘s Nadia rattan kingsize bed with Coen mattress and 2 bedsides, priced £1,330.

The wardrobe, bedside table and other handy cabinets

Perhaps you don’t want to go all out and get a new bed, so bedside tables and storage units are a great alternative. Choose rattan cabinets and use a warm colour palette such as terracotta, deep blues and oatmeal. Love.

Get that extra storage space and add a rustic touch to your bedroom with the Otto cane rattan cabinet, £189, Beaumonde.

Give your houseplants a new home

Add a subtle touch of rattan through woven plant pots. Plant pots are an easy and stylish way to introduce this trend in any of the three most important rooms. Revamp that plain corner of your bedroom with a tall Yucca tree and plant it in a rattan pot, which will bring a fresh touch of the outdoors in.  

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In your bathrooms 

Extra storage

I know we can never have enough storage space for all of our necessities, especially in the bathroom where all the shampoo bottles and cleansers manage to always get messy. So, get that extra storage space by placing your favourite hair masks and other beauty essentials in rattan storage boxes.

Go for a matching laundry basket to create a seamless look. Muted shade such pale greys and soft pastels are the best choice to blend in with your bathroom’s design.  

Match your storage boxes to your laundry basket – Hadid set of 2 hand woven rattan storage baskets in grey, £79, and Hadid hand woven rattan laundry basket in Grey, £99, from MADE.

Add a new mirror

You have probably already seen plenty of aesthetically pleasing Instagram accounts that have welcomed this trend in their homes. One popular feature in these dreamy homes is the rattan mirror.

You can incorporate it in bedrooms or bathrooms to warm up the space. Create a statement look in your bathroom with a natural finish rattan frame  it will fit perfectly with any design. 

Create a bohemian feeling in your bathroom with Dutchbone‘s Kubu Mirror, £99, available at Cuckooland.

Warm lighting

As a finishing touch, replace your old lamp shades with new ones made from rattan – be it in a light or dark colour. Wicker lamp shades will warm up your bathroom and create a cosy atmosphere, perfect for a relaxing spa-like evening.

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Featured image: Bloomingville Rattan Orinoco Rocking Chair, £399, Cuckooland

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