How to store clothes: what type of storage will suit you?

Sharps Manhattan fitted wardrobes in a bedroom as an example of how to store clothes

Brrrr! It’s getting chilly, so you’re probably reassessing your wardrobe choices and packing away your lighter garments. Need to know how to store clothes? We’re here for you.

Winter’s coming and we’re wrapping up warm, so we thought we’d explore how to store clothes. Because there are lots of different options when it comes to clothes storage. Everything from bespoke walk-in wardrobes to dressing rooms is on the agenda. Premium fitted furniture specialist, Neville Johnson, gave us some sterling advice. So read on to learn which type of clothes storage is right for you.

Firstly: have an unused room? Choose a bespoke walk-in wardrobe

It sounds super-luxe, right? Well, achieving that opulent lifestyle is easy these days, providing you have an unused spare room. Neville Johnson’s bespoke wardrobe in their exclusive Coral Rose colour, below, is eye-catching in Sex and the City-style pink.

If pink isn’t your thing, you can still emulate this design. Choose subtle back-lighting which allows you to showcase your wardrobe’s statement pieces in the most decadent way. If you love to display designer bags and shoes in style, open shelving allows for this.

So, why not channel your inner Carrie Bradshaw this season and invest in a walk-in wardrobe that showcases your personality and style?

a pink wooden bespoke walk-in wardrobe from Neville Johnson containing lots of pairs of shoes, bags and dresses
How to store clothes: firstly, you could choose a bespoke walk-in wardrobe. This one is from Neville Johnson in the colour Coral Rose.
a black wood bespoke walk-in wardrobe with shirts hanging up on rails
Novamobili Ben Walk In Wardrobe, price on application, Go Modern.

Secondly, for larger bedrooms: invest in a luxury fitted wardrobe

An easy solution to maximising every inch of larger bedrooms is to buy bespoke fitted wardrobes. Illuminated open shelving with panelling results in a modern take on a traditional style.

Fitted wardrobes transform the amount of space you have. If you use a corner design like the one below, it almost creates a separate dressing and storage space within one room.

A bespoke fitted wardrobe includes way more storage than freestanding wardrobes, because they can span from floor to ceiling. This allows you to properly hibernate your summer wardrobe, while also giving you room for your thick winter clothing and accessories.

a beige and cream wooden fitted corner wardrobe featuring lots of shelves, mirrors, shoes and bags as a way to store clothes
How to store clothes: secondly, luxury fitted wardrobes like this one from Neville Johnson are great for larger spaces.
a modern beige fitted wardrobe in a bedroom, featuring lots of shelves and hanging rails, with a dressing room table and chair in the middle
Manhattan Fitted Wardrobes, starting from £2,000, Sharps.
white and oak wardrobe to store clothes in
Fitted Wardrobe with White Country Boom Sliding Doors with Shadow Oak Internals, price on application, Neatsmith.

How to store clothes: thirdly, in a contemporary dressing room

With a little thought, you can create a serene and welcoming bedroom sanctuary that suits your personal style. Neville Johnson’s contemporary dressing room in its Avocado shade, below, is ideal for minimalists who prefer their clothes and accessories to be hidden away.

The bespoke vanity island completely transforms the space into a luxury area, offering optimal storage. From hidden shelving with integrated lights to internal drawers and double height hanging space, all your storage needs are catered for.

a dark green dressing room with shaker panelling and pull handles
How to store clothes: thirdly, fit a contemporary dressing room like this model from Neville Johnson.
a wooden brown and beige dressing room featuring shaker panelling
Wimbledon Dressing Room, price on application, Brayer Design.
a dark walnut dressing table with alcoves and a beige dining chair
Anthracite Dressing Room, price on application, Neatsmith.

How to store clothes: lastly, in a boutique dressing room

Feast your eyes on this deluxe dressing room. From open shelving with integrated lights, to pull out shoe racks with soft close mechanisms, the fashion world is your oyster. You can store every pair of shoes and every bracelet and necklace. Choose whether to have open shelving or hide everything away.

a beige and cream wooden boutique dressing room featuring lots of clothes, shoes and bags as a way to store clothes
How to store clothes: lastly, consider a boutique dressing room like this design from Neville Johnson.

Simon Tcherniak, Senior Designer at Neville Johnson, said, “At the end of a long day, we all love to retreat to our bedroom knowing that it is fully organised and ready for an evening of relaxation. Fitted furniture is one of the most practical ways to ensure you can do this night after night, while adding effortless luxury to any bedroom space.”

Philipp Nagel, Director at Neatsmith, said: “Bespoke designs, unlike freestanding furniture, enable you to make the most of every bit of available space in your home. Be that simply a perfectly fitted full length wall of impactful wardrobes, or working around more awkward architectural features such as sloped ceilings, chimney breasts, and alcoves. Choosing bespoke not only creates furniture that completely fits the space in your home, but it also maximises all the available storage opportunities.”

So, now you know how to store clothes. But if you’d like to read another feature on fitted wardrobes, read this next.

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