How to update your bedroom in 2023

You probably feel tired when in your bedroom, but you should not feel tired of your bedroom. If you didn’t go for a home refresh at the start of the year, then spring might be a good time to revamp your space.

These days, bedrooms are all about comfort, functional sleep and getting the best rest possible. So, with the help of Kitchens Bedrooms & Bathrooms journo Charlotte Luxford, we’re exploring the ways to easily update your bedroom in 2023.

The colour palettes range from warm, earthy neutrals – including ochres and plaster – to rich, deep tones such as inky blues, sea greens and berry reds.

The real standout trends for 2023 are customised interiors that are personal, eclectic, and characterful – it truly is the year for making your bedroom your own.

It’s not just about aesthetics though. There’s been a real shift towards sustainability. Whether that’s upcycling bedroom furniture you already have with new handles or a fresh coat of paint – or investing in products using organic fabrics, sustainable fibres, and recycled materials.

It’s this combination of smart tech, sustainable design, and new-age classics that makes up the perfect bedroom makeover, which meets both style and substance for 2023. Read on for our pick of the best products to spruce up your space…

1. Update your bedroom with bobbin furniture

Bobbin furniture has been around since the 17th century, but this classic design has taken the interiors world by storm thanks to its simple yet charming style.

As the cottagecore trend continues, bobbin furniture meets the demand for English country style, but with a modern twist.

Painted or lacquered pieces in colourful finishes are now de rigueur. Pair these designs with contemporary pieces, or mix and match colours to prevent it from looking too twee.

Bobbin furniture bedroom
Bobbin bed frame, £699, and Bobbin bedside table, £225, John Lewis & Partners.

2. The new must-have item: a dressing table

The dressing table is back in fashion, thanks to the rise of tutorials on social media. We’re investing in beauty and healthcare products more than ever and, as a result, there’s been a higher demand for dedicated spaces to store our makeup stash.

Loved by everyone from Charlotte Tilbury to Vicky Pattison, Arighi Bianchi’s Lily dressing table with its on-trend curves and ribbed design has become one of the most Instagrammed dressing tables, making it a hot buy for 2023. 

Pink dressing table in modern bedroom
Update your bedroom in 2023 with Arighi Bianchi’s Lily dressing table, £599.

3. Pretty borders

Why not try adding a border for a low-cost, high-impact update? Despite their old-fashioned reputation, borders have undergone a modern revival with bright colourways and bold patterns.

Companies including Ottoline, Parker & Jules and Susie Atkinson have released stunning designs that are perfect for wrapping around door frames and windows, running along skirting or even on furniture, such as wardrobe panels.

Cute boarder with red scalloped edge
Scalloped border, £85 per 10m roll, Ottoline.

4. Ruffles, flounces and frills

Ruffles, flounces and frills are a big deal in 2023, paired with bold floral fabrics for a maximalist vibe. Nothing sums this look up better than Sanderson’s Archive collection, which draws on the brand’s 160-year history designs.

The trick is to mix and match small repeat patterns with larger ones, as well as pairing sumptuous velvets with cotton for an eclectic feel.

Cushions are an easy way to inject pattern into your bedroom scheme and perk up plain bedding, or new lampshades for your bedside lights. Pooky has also collaborated with Sanderson to offer a range of shades in the colourful designs.

Scalloped fringe on lamp
Pat table lamp, £147, with Forbidden Fruit 45 cm bell shade, £110, in Kingfisher and Loganberry from Archive by Sanderson.

5. Organise your bedroom with fitted wardrobes

Max out your storage by rethinking your wardrobe. According to Sharps, a bespoke solution can provide up to 40% more space than ordinary fitted wardrobes and twice as much as freestanding ones, thanks to clever solutions such as double hanging options, shoe cascades and more. Its integrated Cloffice is ideal if you’re trying to squeeze in a work from home setup too.

Sharps white wardrobes in bedroom
Manhattan range, from £2000, Sharps.

6. Blackout curtains

Blackout curtains and blinds not only help you sleep better, they’re also great for maintaining a consistent temperature in the room.

Tori Murphy’s new online made-to-measure service offers curtains and blinds made in cotton or naturally insulating merino wool produced in Lancashire, with a number of linings from draught-excluding to supersoft. Shown here is the Sleeper Stripe cotton design in Radish.

Candy-stripped curtains in red and white
Sleeper Stripe cotton design in Radish, from £360, Tori Murphy.

7. Have a bold bedroom with a statement mirror

Statement mirrors in bold colours and slick lacquered finishes are taking over from metallic trimmed designs this year. Bobbin styles are still super popular, but rope twist finishes are steadily gaining ground.

Colourful mirrors are a great way to incorporate an accent into your bedroom and will pop against a dark shade. Plus, they can strategically add light in a darker north-facing room.

Place yours opposite a window or doorway to reflect light back into the space.

Red mirror near traditional bookcase and lamp
Bobina Twist mirror in Chinese Red, £695, Oka.

8. Feel cocooned with the right mattress for you

Good sleep is the top bedroom trend in 2023. We spend a third of our lives asleep, so a good mattress is essential. Silent Night has launched its Sleep Vitality collection, designed to reduce static-induced stress levels and improve sleep.

Carbon is woven into the fabric of the Intense design to reduce static electric build up throughout the day, which in turn lowers levels of cortisol, a stress hormone.

The mattress also has clever Mirapocket spring technology, which adjusts to your movements throughout the night – providing tailored support for your back, hips and shoulders.

Update your bedroom in 2023 ideas: new mattress in green room
Update your bedroom in 2023 with a new mattress, from £799, Silent Night.

9. Ornate headboards

Curvy headboards are a great way to add pattern, shape and colour to a room without redecorating. Look for organic curved and rounded silhouettes and scalloped designs in luxurious velvet or a bold patterned print and use complementary shades to create a harmonious look.

If you’ve opted for a plain headboard, a busier wallpaper or contrasting paint will make it pop.

Spotty headboard on bed
Update your bedroom in 2023 with this scalloped headboard, from £1099, Cath Kidston x DFS.

10. Improve your sleep through air quality

Indoor air pollution is worse in the winter, when we tend to keep doors and windows closed so all the dust and indoor allergens have nowhere to go.

Houseplants are a great way to help purify the air and increase humidity in rooms, which can help with common winter illnesses. Snake plants, peace lilies and spider plants are all good choices for bedrooms.

Peace lily on stand near table
Peace Lily, from £12, Beards & Daisies.

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