Super cute nursery ideas for your little one

There’s something so special about designing a nursery, especially when it’s for your first baby. I was looking at wallpaper samples and paints almost as soon as I knew I was pregnant. But, while you may want the room to be insta-worthy, there are some very practical (and safety) things you need to know about as well. Here, I’ve popped together some super cute nursery ideas, plus tips and advice to keep bubba safe and you stress free.

I loved coming up with nursery ideas while pregnant. Because we didn’t know if we were having a boy or girl, we decided Winnie the Pooh would be a lovely neutral theme. And it wasn’t long until I found the perfect wallpaper and paint. That was the easy bit. As we then had to think about furniture – and being a small, box-like room, we were limited to what we could do.

Especially as my dad had kept my larger-than-average oak cot for 30 years in the attic – saving it for when I became a mummy. A lovely thought, but seeing as it was second hand, I first had to check the gap between each bar wasn’t wider than 6.5cm, which thankfully they weren’t.

I did, however, have to order a bespoke mattress to make sure it fit snuggly and weren’t any gaps. A good example of how you need to check literally everything is safe and secure – and that it doesn’t just look good.

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Here’s a snap of my little girl’s nursery before she, and the armchair, arrived. (It’s now tucked in the corner where the nappy bin – very glam – is sitting).

So, whether you’re designing a nursery for your first baby, second, third or perhaps your grandchild, here are some great ideas, and a few safety tips to get you on your way.

The cot

Probably the most important part of the nursery, right? You want it to look good and be great quality, but also super safe. Be sure it’s not near any windows, radiators, heaters, or wall decorations that could fall onto them.

Project by Emma Green Design. Photography: Brett Charles

Also, for when they’re older and able to pull themselves up, make sure there isn’t any furniture near by that can help them clamber out.

And, while it may look good for phone snaps, don’t have any pillows (until the recommended age) cushions, blankets, duvets or cot bumpers or teddies in the cot when they’re in there.

If you want the cot to last a few years, there are many that can be converted into toddler beds as well.

The Harlequin furniture range starts from £590 at Cam Cam Copenhagen.

The changing table

Look for a changing table with plenty of storage for either clothes, or all the bits and bobs you need when changing nappies, from wipes, muslins, cotton balls, nappy bags and creams.

For extra piece of mind, bolt the drawers to the wall so there’s no chance it will topple over.

Madison nursery glider, £2422, The Baby Cot Shop.

To help make the process of changing a nappy as stress free as possible – have some extra storage, from baskets or shelving, with all the essentials close to hand.

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If it doesn’t come with a mat, you can buy this individually – just measure up to ensure it fits perfectly.

Vox altitude cot three piece nursery furniture set, Cuckooland.

The lighting

Be sure to include low level lighting for night-time feeds and nappy changes. This could either be a small side or wall lamp, plug-in night light, or your main ceiling light on a dimmer.

Having blackout curtains or blinds is also very helpful – especially if your little ones are early risers.

Remember to include a comfortable place to sit. Project by Ventura Interior Design.

The decor

The fun bit! Neutral colours for your walls and carpets are a good idea for longevity – meaning you can update smaller things like wall pictures and lighting as the baby grows older and tastes change.

However that does’t mean you can’t have fun with your space. Wall stickers are much easier to change than wallpaper, and you can get some adorable wicker baskets for toys. Rugs are also a great way to add colour and personality.

Paint from Coat.

Remember, you’ll likely spend a lot of time in the room playing, changing and nursing your baby, so it’s important to create a comfortable space that works for you, not only your little one.

Blue Stargazer patterned carpet from the Nursery collection, £25.00 per sq m, Carpetright.

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