The biggest bedroom layout mistakes – and what to do instead

biggest bedroom layout mistakes

What are the biggest bedroom layout mistakes? They’re also the most common. Check out these seven mistakes and find out if you’re making them too – and if so, how to fix them.

The wardrobe experts at Instrument have highlighted the seven biggest bedroom layout mistakes people make. If you also make these mistakes, they’re limiting the potential of your bedroom.

Designing a bedroom can be a difficult task, and if things are in the wrong place it can detract from the overall flow and aesthetic of a room.

Sizing and placement are essential factors to consider when arranging furniture and creating a beautiful living space.

biggest bedroom layout mistakes
Always make your bed the focal point of the room. Photography: iStock.

The seven biggest errors we’re all making

The seven biggest bedroom layout mistakes

Firstly: cluttering around the bed
The bed should be the focal point of the room, so cluttering the space around it can draw the focus away. Keep items minimal around the bed, including bedside tables – so instead of having two, try and opt for one. 

a luxury hotel-style room
Firstly, keep the area around the bed free from clutter. Photography: iStock.

The seven biggest bedroom layout mistakes

Secondly: wardrobe next to the door 
If you have a freestanding wardrobe, placing it next to or close to the door can make the room feel crowded. Wardrobes should be tucked into corners where possible. Consider built-in storage if you’re thinking about investing in your bedroom space. This can be tailored to help make the room layout more appealing. 

fitted wardrobes
Secondly, put your wardrobes in corners like this, not next to the door. Wardrobes from Sharps.

The errors most of us are making

The seven biggest bedroom layout mistakes

Thirdly: covering plug sockets 

From a practical standpoint, covering plug sockets can become a nuisance because you constantly have to move furniture to get to them. Using extension leads can help to avoid this but can look untidy. 

biggest bedroom layout mistakes
Thirdly, don’t cover the plug sockets in your bedroom. Photography: iStock.

More of the biggest bedroom layout mistakes

The seven biggest bedroom layout mistakes

Placing the bed next to the wall
It can be tempting to push the bed right next to the wall to create a cosy nook, however, this makes a room feel cramped. Try to keep the bed central as it is the focal point of the bedroom.

the seven biggest bedroom layout mistakes
Always keep the bed central and don’t put it in a corner. Photography: iStock.

The seven biggest bedroom layout mistakes

Not prioritising the view
Regardless of whether you have a view or not, blocking the space around the window(s) can make the bedroom appear smaller and block any natural light coming in. Keep taller furniture pieces and bedframes away from the window to avoid this. 

don't block the window
Don’t block the space in front of the window. Photography: iStock.

The errors most of us are making

The seven biggest bedroom layout mistakes

Making the TV the focal point 
Unfortunately, many televisions aren’t aesthetically pleasing and shouldn’t be made the main focus of the room. Avoid placing the TV in front of the bed, otherwise, this creates competition between the two. If possible try removing the TV from the bedroom, as it will make the space feel cosier. 

Don’t have a television in your bedroom. Shaker bedroom in Midnight Blue, from £2,000, Sharps.

The seven biggest bedroom layout mistakes

Lastly: floor lamps in open space
Floor space is precious in the bedroom and although floor lamps are best placed in larger living areas, they can still have their place in the bedroom. Place the bases of the floor lamp behind pieces of furniture like chairs or cabinets, this way the light is still beneficial but there is more floor area. 

biggest bedroom layout mistakes
Lastly, don’t do this – instead, place floor lamps behind furniture. Photography: iStock.

The seven biggest bedroom layout mistakes

An expert for Instrument said:
“The layout of your bedroom is not only important for the way it looks and functions, but it is essential if you’re tight on space. We’re trying to encourage people to make the most out of their space as possible.

“Bedrooms can often become crowded with unnecessary and oversized items and furniture. Just by making a few simple changes, it is easy to unlock space in your home that you didn’t even know you had. This goes for any room in the house, not just the bedroom.”

Fitted Shaker wardrobes from Sharps.

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