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interior designers on Instagram

Interior designers on Instagram provide all the inspiration you need for your renovations, while giving you an inside look at how the pros do it. So why not follow the designers below? Their accounts are filled with real projects and clever design tricks and ideas and, as a result, are the ultimate portfolio. Because, you see, they show you exactly what’s possible with a simple kitchen, bedroom or bathroom.

So to help you kickstart your research process, I’ve selected my top five favourite interior designers on Instagram. Some of them have even been featured in @kbbmagazine and These Three Rooms as a result of their talent. They’re certainly some of the most impressive designers we’ve seen on the app.

If you’re not already following them, then what have you been doing?! I’m kidding, but you’ll want to press the blue button straight after seeing their amazing projects. Read on, because this feature is full of indispensable inspo.

Interior designers on Instagram 

Firstly in our ‘interior designers on Instagram’ roundup, there’s Andrew Jonathan Griffiths, who founded the A New Day boutique interior design studio in London. Andrew focuses on mood-boosting colour combinations and also geometric shapes and lines to create spaces set to improve the way you live.
He accomplishes everything from daring tile matching to adding dimension and contrast through stand-out fabrics and finishes, so if you’re looking to add style and practicality to your space, why not seek his help? At the studio, aside from interior design, he also offers remote design, hourly consultancy, commercial design and interior styling services. If you don’t follow him then you’re missing out on some great inspo.
Secondly in our list of interior designers on Instagram: with her bright and beautiful style, Amy Rebecca is known for her eclectic and fun interiors. Through the power of design, she makes the most of any space while taking any client’s scheme to the next level.
Amy’s in demand for her online services, interior design and spatial planning, because she puts the client at the centre of her designs. This therefore makes her services suitable for unique lifestyles. So picture eye-catching colour palettes, inspiring moodboards and playful design features. In short, once you see her projects, you’ll want to hit the follow button, trust me.
Thirdly: one of the most accomplished interior designers on Instagram, Omar Bhatti is the founder and creative director of interior design studio Space Shack. Established in 2016 in East London, Omar, together with a team, has subsequently worked on numerous residential and commercial projects across London and beyond. Key to their sophisticated designs are flexible solutions, minimalist features, contemporary furniture and pared-back colour palettes, as well as an abundance of natural materials. So if you’re in the midst of planning your kitchen, bedroom or bathroom renovation, why not reach out to Omar for help with your design?
Then we have Jen and Mar, the powerful duo behind Interior Fox, founded in 2016: two of our favourite interior designers on Instagram. They initially worked with first-time homeowners and renters, but the business has expanded to big-scale residential and commercial projects across the UK and the US. This is because their fresh outlook on interiors shines through their cool and ultra-stylish designs focusing on clean aesthetics, rich colour palettes, natural materials and clever mixes and matches of fabrics and patterns. If their Instagram doesn’t inspire you, then nothing will!
Lastly in our roundup of interior designers on Instagram: from period homes to modern new builds, Emilie Fournet provides interior design, project monitoring and consultation services for anyone eager to transform their space.
Whether you’re looking to inject a bit of spice and colour in your bedroom through paint and pattern or want to take a dated bathroom up a notch with bold tiles and contrasting grout, Emilie has a brimming portfolio of design ideas. So why not pop by her Instagram account to boost your creativity?

And finally…

While everyone has their own style, we know you’ll love these interior designers on Instagram. Maybe you’ll become an interior designer yourself as a result of becoming inspired by them…? Then you yourself could be featured in KBB Magazine (how very meta)! But even if you just want some basic ideas, Insta interiors accounts are great for kickstarting your creativity.

However: still need more inspo? Then check out these amazing Instagram renovation accounts. Interior designers are the pros, but home renovators are going through the same process you are. And the things they learn while renovating could also prove invaluable to you. Plus who doesn’t love a good before and after photo montage?!

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