Halloween kitchenware ideas for a spooky party

Need help preparing for Halloween? Let’s get you all set for a thriller night with these fabulous party essentials.

If you are hosting a spooky party this year, you might be looking for Halloween-themed kitchenware to either cook, bake or serve your guests some delicious treats.

We’ve gathered some of our favourite ideas with a spooky feel. Let’s explore our edit of Halloween kitchenware, shall we?

Halloween kitchenware for scary baking

Spooky baking is one of the best things about Halloween. We have previously done a Halloween-themed Bake Off in the office, and it was such good fun seeing what everyone came up with. Picture spider-topped muffins, pumpkin bread and skull-shaped cakes.

So we highly encourage getting creative with the help of baking moulds in all sorts of shapes and sizes. They will make your life much easier – simply pour your batter into a scary-shaped pan, and your sweet treats are done.

Halloween kitchenware for baking
Nordic Ware Halloween cake and cakelet pans, from £44, Harts of Stur.
Sets of Halloween bakeware including moulds and mixers
1. 10-piece Halloween cookie cutters set, £5.97, Crethink. 2. Halloween skeleton bone mold, £4.99, Amosfun. 3. Halloween silicone cake mold, £5.99, Feelava. 4. kMix stand mixer for baking, 229, Kenwood. 5. Bat shaped spatula, £6.99, Ro Rox.

Spooky drinks

Fancy a drink? You can go for Halloween-themed drinks and cocktails – although personally, I am not brave enough to try a Zombie Brain shot – or you can serve classic drinks in spooky glasses.

Novelty shot glasses and tumblers or statement wine glasses that even Morticia Addams would approve of are ideal.

Halloween spooky shull drinks
Halloween skull party shot glasses, £7.99 each, Ginger Ray.
Selection of Halloween dink accessories
1. Barware skull shot glasses, £11.95, Flow. 2. 3D Skull ice cube tray, £8.99, Spespo. 3. Black cocktail shaker, £12.99, Etens. 4. Manufacture Rock red wine glasses, £46.90, Villeroy & Boch. 5. Martini glasses, £23.99, Skyfish.

Halloween tableware

We will leave the dinner menu up to you, but we’ve got some elegant cutlery and crockery ideas to complete your Halloween tablescape. Luckily, artisan plates and dark cutlery are rising in popularity, so you can use your Halloween party as an excuse to get some new solutions for your dinnerware collection.

Dark place setting for a party
Votive TruGlow candle, from £9.99, Lights4Fun.
Mix of dinner plates and cutlery for a dinner party.
1. Dinner set for four, £39.99, VonShef. 2. Cheese slicer black kitchen gadgets handmade marble cutting board, £23.95, Radicaln. 3. Slate serving platter tray, £17, Artesà. 4. Halo collection, rice bowls two for £32 and medium plates for £19.85 each, Denby. 5. Matte black cutlery 16-piece set, £15.99, Bestdin. 6. Matte black stainless steel cutlery 32-piece set, £32.99, Sharecook.

Pumpkin-themed solutions

For me, the best bit about Halloween is spotting pumpkins everywhere you look. So for a dinner party, soup is a brilliant idea as it can be prepared ahead of time and easily warmed up when your guests get to the party.

Pumpkin-themed kitchenware is also easy to find – you can bake savoury meals in pumpkin-shaped dishes, blend ingredients in vibrant orange blenders and then serve your treats in seasonal bowls.

Woman holding a pumpkin with a pumpkin apron
Pumpkins adult apron, £24.50, Sophie Allport.
1. Stoneware figural pumpkin baker, £330.02, La Creuset. 2. YBK Tech pumpkin cups, £21.20, Eplze. 3. Artisan K400 blender 5KSB4026HY in honey, £299, Kitchenaid. 4. White boo pumpkin mug, £7.95, The Wisteriatree. 5. Glass pumpkin cups, £13.09, Showeroro. 6. Pumpkin soup bowl, £25.99, Wayfair.

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