The future of our homes: what to expect in the next decade

a construction graphic depicting the future of our homes

Picture voice-activated gadgets, unique designs, and eco-conscious technologies. Curious to know what our kitchens, bedrooms and bathrooms will look like in the next decade? Well, we’ve asked industry experts for their predictions.

Over the past few years, we’ve seen a shift in the way we use our homes. We swapped cold offices for the comfort of our kitchens. Spare rooms have become recreational zones while bedrooms and bathrooms transformed into Zen spaces. Our homes are constantly working harder than ever before to cater to all our needs.

With this big shift in a short time, what will our homes look like within the next decade? Let’s take a look at what awaits our kitchens, bedrooms, and bathrooms…


The future of our kitchens

Nowadays, kitchens are practical hubs where we not only cook and dine but also relax, host, work and play. Moohyung Lee, EVP and head of R&D at Samsung, suggests we have also started to demand more from our appliances. “They have evolved to be companions in our everyday life and we are seeing this trend particularly among the younger generations,” he says.

Picture smart ovens with built-in cameras so you can cook food to perfection. How about fridges which alert you when produce is about to go off? And who wouldn’t love an app-controlled coffee machine to ensure a cup is ready when you wake up?

Jo Jackson, market product manager UK & Ireland at Fisher & Paykel, says: “Younger generations will be looking for ways to streamline their busy lives. They’re going to expect products in their homes to cater to this.”

a woman in a light pink jumper touching the screen of an illuminated smart appliance
Photography: metamorworks


Our bathrooms will see a rise in the use of technology, too. These days, mirrors have built-in lighting, demisters, and speakers, while WCs provide self-cleaning functions. Wondering what more is possible?

Well, according to research by Mira Showers, artificial intelligence and voice-activated solutions are bound to become the next big thing.

Picture this: instead of hand-operated shower mixers, we’ll control the water temperature with just a few words. “It’s predicted that bathrooms are likely to see the biggest change over the decades – with smart toilets, scales and mirrors at the forefront,” advises Suzannah Adey, senior product manager at Mira Showers.


But could we expect technology to play a crucial part in our bedrooms, which we usually picture as calming spaces with no gadgets?

A recent Future Home Trends Report* predicts circadian rhythm programmes, which have a positive impact on our internal body clock, will be included in task and room lighting and easily controlled by apps.

Plus, expect audio sensors in beds and pillows that ensure good sleep. Chairs and beds with offer full-body vibrations for complete relaxation. So far, the future of our homes doesn’t look too bad, does it?

The future of our homes in a  construction graphic on a table with two men touching the graphic and a hard hat and tape measure nearby
Photography: Warch

The future of our homes: Sustainability

Together with technology comes sustainability. Both homeowners and manufacturers are already prioritising eco-friendly products. The latest processes that have less of an impact on the planet but still perform to high standards.

“Bolstering the durability and energy consumption of our technologies and empowering users through smart and eco-conscious services will be key factors in equipping everyone to take more control of their sustainable footprint,” says Moohyung.

One growing concern is reducing our waste – from water to energy. Smart WCs and showers, along with kitchen taps and basin mixers, already come with water-saving functions to lessen consumers’ waste.

However, eco-friendly solutions are going to be even more predominant in the years to come. “The next generation of homeowners expect innovation in the areas of design and technology to reduce the amount of material that goes to landfill and ensure that water is conserved as much as possible,” advises Suzannah.

Future bathroom innovations by Mira Showers against a background of green foliage
Mira Showers‘ latest research revealed that Generation Z consider customisable LED lighting, built-in speakers and voice activation as must-have features for their ideal shower design in the future.

Bold, personal spaces

Retailers have noticed a change in our purchasing habits. There is a focus on investing in high-quality products that last for years and designing spaces that truly reflect personal style.

“Now more than ever, luxury is about exclusivity. So, the future of interior design will be about incorporating one-off statement pieces. The bedroom is an area where your personality and character can be made prominent more than anywhere else,” says Juliette Thomas, founder of Juliettes Interiors.

a bedroom with luxury accessories, a green statement bed, geometrical wallpaper and modern lighting
The bedroom is one of the spaces where you can let your personality shine. Why not personalise yours with statement pieces, such as this contemporary curved upholstered bed, price on application, from Juliettes Interiors?

There has been a shift towards custom-made solutions, especially in kitchens. Moohyung and the Samsung team have observed the wish for personalisation using bespoke appliances. “Every household is unique. So, there’s no one-size- fits-all approach. The future of kitchen appliances is about creative self-expression and intelligent flexibility, improving our daily lives with customisable functions and services,” he says.

In bathrooms, Mira Showers’ latest research ( 18 to 21 year olds) reveals that the homes of the future should include showers that can be personalised to each user. “Advancements in technology should see features such as customisable LED lighting and built-in speakers to help with mood-setting and offer a fun showering experience,” says Suzannah.

In conclusion, while times at the moment may seem uncertain, we think the future of our homes sounds exciting – don’t you?

*From former digital brand Made

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