Kids beds that are so cool, they have us just a little jealous

mr bunny kids bed main

What kind of bed did you want when you were little? I, for one, always wanted a high sleeper – for some reason, it was the coolest thing in the world. I never got one, in case you’re wondering. Considering I’m a little clumsy, my parents probably had good reason…

Kids beds, of course, come in all sorts of shapes and sizes and styles. I’m sure we’ve all seen the race car-shaped designs, or little tree houses – anything that’s not ‘standard’, if you wish. They’re the ideal basis for your little one’s fun but practical bedroom, allowing you to express heaps of personality.

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In fact, there are whole companies out there focusing on nothing but kids beds, wardrobes, and other furniture, with the mission to make everything as cool as possible.

And while I’m a little *too* grown up for any of these – although I’ll have you know I’d happily sleep in a clamshell bed! – putting together this small collection was a lot of fun.

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So… are you ready to get just a tiny bit jealous of the little ones?

Kids beds for every style

Tent design
I don’t know about you, but when I was little, sleeping in a tent seemed so cool. (My adult self is no longer sure.) This tent kids bed from Mathy By Bols, £995 from Idyll Home, recreates the experience – complete with a cloth wall that can be propped up to form a canopy or rolled up and fastened with strips. Just like a real camping trip… but without any inclement weather.
Princess design
A four-poster bed always feels extra magical – so why not extend that to the kids beds? Lifetime’s Princess design, £945, from Nubie Kids comes with a removable canopy. Inside, you’ll find stars hanging from the roof, for an extra-dreamy feel.

More cool kids beds

Little Mermaid kids bed
Speaking of dreamy, one of my absolute childhood heroes slept in a clam shell, and I would’ve probably jumped at the chance to do the same. This Little Mermaid bed, £12,410 from Cuckooland, is so magical it could tempt me today, too. The upper shell features lighting, perfect for little readers – it’s the ultimate in kids beds. (And don’t worry – you can’t shut the lid.)
little folks kids bed
A bed is practical, sure, but why not allow your kids to use it to really showcase their personality? The Cubix mid sleeper system with chest of drawers and storage bookcase, £750 from Little Folks Furniture, has plenty of space to keep essentials – and it allows your little ones to display prized possessions, too, while keeping their room tidy.
lakehouse design
Everyone loves a retreat where they can feel cosy, and kids beds are the perfect place to snuggle up. This Lakehouse bed, £1895, from Nubie Kids, has open sides but can be customised to only have the front, too, for a more open feel. Plus, you can add a trundle bed, for sleepovers, or underbed storage. And the stage is set for plenty of lake house adventures – no water required, just add imagination.
Barn kids bed
Staying on the topic of having a house within the house, Cox & Cox‘s Barn bed, £925, has static doors for safety. But it’ll still provide plenty of fun and is one of our favourite kids beds.
tree house design
Designed to look like a tree house, this is Lifetime’s Hideout semi-high sleeper with steps, £945 from Cuckooland. Not only does it offer plenty of storage (drawers below the steps – so clever), it also allows your kids to let their imagination run wild. Whether it’s a ship sailing the high seas or a tree house tucked in a magical forest, it’s theirs to make their own.

Even more super-cute children’s beds

Circu balloon design
What if I told you you could have a hot air balloon in your child’s room? I know, it sounds hard to believe – but that’s exactly what Circu Magical Furniture have created. Made to order, the round bed can transform to a sofa when your little one outgrows it, so it’ll bring joy for years to come. The top part (which, yes, attaches to your ceiling) features a light and sound system, too, for the full experience. Price on application.
cool cloud-shaped kids bed
Not leaving out the littlest ones, even safety features can be cute and heaps of fun. Bloomingville’s Nihla bed, £195, from Sweetpea & Willow, has a cloud-shaped safety guard so nobody tumbles onto the floor in the middle of the night. Such a great way to end our feature on kids beds.

Featured image: Mr Bunny bed, price on application, Circu Magical Furniture.

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