Eco mattresses: 9 designs that are better for the planet

Have you ever thoughts about what you’re actualy sleeping on when you’re lying in bed? Admittedly, the time between me getting into bed and entering the land of nod is rather short (yes I am one of those ‘as soon as head hits the pillow’ types), but even my mind has been tuned into the materials keeping me oh-so-comfy as I rest of late. Eco mattresses are fast gaining traction and since we all need a good mattress for a good night’s kip, why not make yours better for the planet too?

With COP26 happening in Glasgow and shows like David Attenborough’s A Life On Our Planet on Netflix and BBCOne’s Shop Well For The Planet? being the latest TV programmes on my watch list, it’s clear that we should all make efforts to live more sustainably, and any changes we can make to the way we live and what we put in our homes should have consideration for the environment, right? I think so.

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You should upgrade your mattress around every 6 to 8 years or if it’s starting to feel uncomfortable for you, so if you’re in the market for a new design, why not give one of these eco mattresses a go…?

And, remember, recycyle your old mattress responsibly too – Georgina has got plenty of tips on how to do that.

Eco mattresses to buy now

1. Loop mattress by Simon Spinks, from £499, Barker and Stonehouse.

Old mattresses often end up in landfill – not because their components can’t be recycled, but because the construction makes them difficult to take apart. However, the Loop mattress, by Simon Spinks with Barker and Stonehouse, is different. It’s been made from materials that are 100% recyclable, meaning that not only can it be taken apart, each element – from the fibres to the fillings – can be endlessly reused. There’s no glue, foam or flame-retardant chemicals, simply comfy micro and
pocket springs, hand-tufted fabric and sustainable Ecotex filling.

2. Button & Sprung’s foam-free recyclable mattresses, from £545.

Button & Sprung’s foam-free recyclable mattresses are made with natural  llings, such as cotton and silk, and feature integrated and removable toppers, rollable and zip & link models, and come in bespoke sizes. Available in three designs, they have warm wool  llings on one side and cooler cotton on the other.

3. Velocity mattresses, from £449 for the Velocity 750, a single non-turn mattress, Harrison Spinks.

The Velocity range from Harrison Spinks is a capsule collection of nine mattresses with spring counts from 750 to 16750, each is foam, glue, and chemical-free, so can be completely recycled. Plus, it’s available for next-day delivery.

4. Adult pocket-sprung mattress, from £1098.95, The Little Green Sheep.

The Little Green Sheep‘s eco mattresses are not only are they breathable, hypoallergenic and made from organic materials, the brand has catered to some of the trickiest sleepers around – babies – for years. Each mattress is made with a coconut coir core, pocket springs, natural latex for comfort and organic wool to regulate temperature. Shop the babies and kids collection too, including cot, pram and moses basket mattresses.

5. Eco mattress, £599 for a double, Nemo.

Handcrafted in the UK from at least 300 plastic bottles, Millbrook Bed Company’s Nemo, £599 for a double, is not only fully recyclable, it also has 1000 pocket springs for support. It even comes in packaging made from sugar cane and recycled plastic – nice.

6. The Pure Natural Collection of eco mattresses, from £595, The Cotswold Company.

Made from chemical-free materials, including unbleached British hand-tied wool tufts, the handcrafted eco mattresses from The Pure Natural Collection from The Cotswold Company are available in three designs: The Stow, The Dursley and The Malmesbury.

7. Somnus Legacy collection of eco mattresses, from £699 for a single mattress, Harrison Spinks.

Sustainable, ethical and 100% recyclable, Somnus by Harrison Spinks has launched its Legacy and Supremacy mattress collections. Every mattress is handmade with natural fillings including cotton, cashmere, hand-teased horsehair, tree silk cotton, British Eco wool and home-grown hemp. Plus there’s a unique spring system made up of advanced Cortec Revolution core springs which are made without glue, and have no harmful toxins. All of the mattresses are then finished with an all-natural, super-soft feel, premium wool fabric that is 100% FR chemical treatment free and woven in house at the Harrison Spinks factory in Yorkshire.  

8. EcoMattress with firm tension, £799 for a king size, John Lewis & Partners.

Vegan and fully recyclable, John Lewis & Partners’ EcoMattress is is filled with layers of EcoFlex fibres; a soft polyester filling made from 100% recycled fibres, and a king size re-uses over 200 recycled plastic bottles that otherwise could have gone to landfill. The mattress features Cortec Quad pocket springs with a total of 750 pocket springs in the king size, plus it is made in Britain in a circular, carbon-neutral factory and is completely glue and chemical-free.

9. Eco Core biodegradable wool mattress, from £1,110, Natural Bed Company.

Dubbed ‘almost 100% biodegradable’, the Eco Core wool mattress from Natural Bed Company is made from 100% Natural Latex, Coconut Fibre, Cotton and Wool with a 100% Natural Egyptian Cotton cover with only some of the stitching containing non-biodegradable material. It has no pocket springs so the inside is made up of thick layers of the materials for soft comfort.

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