Guest bedroom ideas: 15 tips for creating a welcoming scheme

Let’s be honest – who really wants to sleep on a blow-up bed when visiting friends or family? Elevate your guest’s experience from camping to luxury hotel with these top tips.

Guest bedrooms are all-important rooms that work hard, especially around the holidays. So, with the help of KBB journo Alison Davidson, we’ve compiled 15 clever ideas to make your guests feel at home while making the best use of every inch of space.

1. Create a hotel-like feeling

What could be nicer than a master suite for your guests? Their own private place, where they can bathe and relax, offers the ultimate hotel feel. And the benefit for you is that it frees up the main bathroom for everyone else. We love the surprise of this concealed bath area – a serious statement.

Open plan bedroom with bath next to bed
Design by Kelling Designs. For a similar scheme, prices start from £10,000.

2. Make the most of your attic space

“A well-designed loft conversion can add value to your property,” advises London-based interior designer Naomi Astley Clarke. “Plus you’ll still be able to retain lots of storage space if you add cabinets at the lowest point of the roof, under the eaves.” Choosing a fold-out or sofa bed makes sense in an attic because it can double up as a study or hobby room and it’s possible to create an adjoining bathroom out of the smallest of spaces.

Guest bedroom in attic space
Brimnes, from £399, Ikea.

3. Guest bedroom ideas: Cosy nook

Nooks or alcoves can make perfect spaces for guest rooms. They need to be big enough to fit a double bed. Use paint to define the space and add colourful bedding and cushions to make the space feel cosy. Sorted!

Bed in guest bedroom
Etiquette AF-50 and Wenge AF-180 paint, from £20 for 0.94 litres, Benjamin Moore.

4. Utilise the home office

If your home office is big enough, include a small sofa bed, which is handy for seating and can double up as a guest bed. This sofa has a compact, 120cm-wide mattress – it’s a small double, with a fold-down back, so the back cushions can be stored underneath while it’s in sleep mode.

Sofa bed set up in office space
Two seater sofa bed, £1,699, from Cocoon.

5. Choose black-out blinds

Make sure your guests get a restful night’s sleep by investing in some very useful black-out blinds. They come in a wide and wonderful array of colours and designs, including white and pastel shades.

Pink blinds in a bedroom
Verona black-out Vintage Blush roller, from £18.35, Blinds2Go.

6. Provide some reading material 

Offering guests a small selection of books to dip into is a great way to make them feel at home. Pile them up on a bedside table or a bookshelf, if you have room. And, if space is tight, think about a small, wall-hung shelving unit, like this one from String. It’s a really versatile piece of kit as it can be moved elsewhere in the home. 

Shelf unit next to a bed
String pocket wall unit, £148, String.

7. Guest bedroom ideas: Full-length mirrors

A full-length mirror is essential in any bedroom and it’s a nice touch in a spare room, so guests can check their outfit before joining their hosts.

Mirror near a footstool
Quinn full-length mirror, £329, Atkin and Thyme. 

A gallery wall makes a space feel unique and is an easy and affordable way to decorate a room. Either choose prints in the same colour palette as the room scheme or go for a mixture of prints you like. Plus, you can change the artwork according to seasons or the latest interior trends.

Gallery wall in a bedroom
Artwork and frames, from £5.45 each, Desenio. 

9. Guest bedroom ideas: Refreshments

Providing drinking water for guests is always a good idea, especially if you have had a drink or two the night before! A carafe and tumbler is much more stylish than a plastic bottle of water, and kinder to the planet, too.

Coral bed with matching ottoman
Foxtail divan with button top blanket box in Coral, from £1,075, Button & Sprung.

10. Introduce plants to aid restful sleep

Some sleep experts say that being around greenery can lead to better sleep quality due to the calming effects on our minds – and plants are an inexpensive way to decorate a room and bring life to the space. Choosing plants that are easy to care for is a good idea if the room isn’t used often. Choose trailing plants, placing them at different heights for the best results – and make sure there is plenty of natural daylight so that they flourish. 

Plants next to a bed
Akemi round planter, £44.99, Ivyline.

11. Adjustable room dividers

Using a curtain or room divider is an easy and quick way to section off a bedroom space. This works well in a room where other people are sleeping, such as a couple with a child, who would love the cosiness of it, or a group of teenagers. “We’re all looking for key, practical pieces that work hard and look good,” says Dee Fontenot Wayfair’s style advisor. “Think room dividers that double up as display boards, fold-down desks that stow away and a day bed that can be a sofa or single bed.”

Curtains dividing up space by a bed
Austra curtains in Velvet Rose, two for £59.99, JYSK.

12. The ultimate guest bedroom sofa bed

Sofa beds are the obvious go-to in a guest room, creating a sitting room during the day and a bedroom by night. “When guests come to stay, you want a sofa bed to be manageable, quick to set up and ready at the drop of a hat,” recommends Charlie Marshall, founder of Loaf. “Always opt for individual pocket sprung mattresses, over open coil springs. These are important as each spring can move independently to stop you bouncing around at night, and they’ll last much longer, too,” he advises.

Sofa bed in guest bedroom
Squishmeister sofa bed, £3,295, Loaf.

13. Double up with twin beds

They can feel a little old fashioned, but twin beds are incredibly versatile – and perfect for children, teenagers or couples who are used to sleeping alone. Plus, they can be pushed together to create a double bed.

Twin bed with leave head board
Nicholas single headboard in Raspberry Small Oak Leaves, £950 each, Kelling Home.

14. Guest bedroom ideas: Entertainment

Make your guest bedroom feel like a home away from home, so if friends or family want to spend some time alone, or to watch their favourite programme, they can.  “Integrating a panel for the television into your fitted furniture is the best way to create a discreet solution,” says Rachal Hutcheson, national retail manager at Sharps. “Sleek internal pods mean you can mount your TV neatly inside a fitted wardrobe.” 

TV and sofa in a 70s style room
Beverly rug, £349, from Cuckooland.

15. Pretty finishing touches

There is nothing like including a seasonal plant or a small posy of flowers next to the bed to make guests feel truly at home. It shows you are thinking of them and adds a lovely personal touch. Ready to host?

Bedside table near bed
Maxim bedside table, £199.99, Fishe & Lilly.

Small space? No problem! We’ve got plenty of tips and advice for compact guest bedrooms

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