Room screens: how to stylishly zone your space

room dividers

Think of the most glamorous bedroom (or living room) you can imagine.

Now, I don’t quite know about you, but for me one thing is clear: room screens are a must. No matter if it’s a super-sumptuous style or a more pared-back space in a Scandinavian look, a divider of sorts is always present.

And why not? They’re moveable and often foldable – great if you need to rejig the layout, for whichever reason – and come in a whole range of designs. Some will make you feel like a star getting ready for a show, while others can create a barrier to the outside world, creating a cosy feel.

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Not to mention they also offer privacy if you need it. For example, why not use it to screen off a home office area?

In short: room screens really are great. Versatile, flexible, and stylish, I’m pleased to see them crop up more often.

And because I’m always up for finding new designs, I’ve brought along a whole range of room screens – something for every style and taste. Let’s take a look, shall we?

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room screens
Rattan screen, £150, Habitat.
Juliettes interiors golden
Contemporary scalloped gold leaf and white marble folding dressing screen, around £12,093.24 (€13,995.02), Juliettes Interiors.
 room screens
Schönbuch Lola screen with three panels, £1628, Chaplins.
Ligne Roset
Endless screen in grey, from £875, Ligne Roset.
room screens
Saba Shades of Venice low room divider, £1860, Go Modern.
Homebody Celina room divider
Celina blue and gold room divider, £400, Homebody Decor.
room screens
Carved geometric screen, £275, Cox & Cox.
Candace curved cane screen in black, £698, Cielshop.
room screens
Woood Harper room divider, £95, Cuckooland.

So, what’s your style?

Featured image: This Haller modular furniture, from £4808 from USM, is a stylish and practical idea that doesn’t look like typical room screens, but still offers some privacy – while adding storage space, too. Image credit: Warehouse Home. Photography: David Cleveland.

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