Create your dream bedroom with these loft conversion ideas

Your dusty storage level or vacant space can become the most inviting room in the house. How? By building upwards…

Extending into your loft or roof is a significant build, so you may be surprised to learn that it’s one of the more affordable ways to add value to your home when it comes to converting your space.

Contrary to popular belief, a loft conversion is less hassle than you may think when compared to lower-level extensions. Also, in most cases, you won’t require planning permission or need to move out of your home during the renovation. 

Ready to get creative? KBB journo Laurie Davidson brings you the best loft conversion ideas to help you transform your rafters into a sleep sanctuary…

Pink and white loft bedroom with fabric headbaord with quirky decor and wooden bedside table
Caro bed, £349.99, Furniture And Choice.

How do I turn my loft into a bedroom?

There are a few things to consider before you begin. First, you’ll need to ensure there’s enough room and head height to create a liveable bedroom. “To start a conversion, measure your loft to make sure you have enough head space to create a room,” advises Natalie Mitchell of HomeHow. “It’s recommended that you have a minimum height of 2.2 to 2.4 metres for a cut roof. If you want a trussed roof, you will need around 2.4 to 2.6m of headroom for a roof created from factory-made trusses.” 

Loft bedroom with green beams, matching wardrobes and colourful decor
Design studio Mia Karlsson has some amazing loft conversion ideas, including this bring and colourful design.


Think ahead and plan your budget carefully. Do you want just a bedroom space or, for example, would you like it as part of a larger master suite? Maybe you’d like a dressing room included in the space? Or a dreamy roll-top bath under a window, so you can relax and gaze at the stars while you take a soak in the tub?

Insulation and ventilation are other considerations to avoid condensation and temperature fluctuation. Building contractors will be experienced in temperature control. However, additional elements such as wall cladding can provide practical benefits in terms of insulation and aesthetics.

Natural wooden bedroom with large wooden beams
Hashira table lamp, £320, Nest.

Loft conversion ideas: Windows

If space is going to be tight in your proposed loft bedroom, consider increasing floor space and light by installing dormer windows. These are roofed structures, usually containing a full-size window or Juliette balcony window, that project vertically beyond the plane of the existing pitched roof.

Building works for a project like this will generally start at around £40,000 and can add up to 50 cubic metres of additional space. A dormer loft conversion is usually a good investment and can create some beautiful results, with Nationwide estimating that a master suite loft conversion can add a value of around 20 per cent to an average home.

Pretty bold corner with patterned animal wallpaper  and pink chair
Loft conversion idea by Amy Stoddart Studio.

If full-size dormer glazing isn’t an option, skylights and roof windows can help flood loft bedrooms with daylight. Richard Williams, north-west Europe marketing director at Velux, explains: “Maximise daylight by considering the placement of your windows. If you position your roof windows so they follow the sun’s movements, for example, then your room can enjoy sunlight throughout the day.”

There will come a time in the day, either in the morning or at dusk, when window dressings, such as fitted blackout blinds, will make a welcome addition. If your windows are going to be up high and tricky to reach, you may want to opt for remote-controlled blinds to make opening and closing them easier.

Neutral bed with fabric head board. Velux windows and black blinds above the bed.
Black blinds made for Velux skylights, £19.39, Make My Blinds.

Layer your lighting

Ensure you have some ambient light, which includes the main light source – usually a ceiling-hung pendant or spotlights – and any natural light, along with task lighting to make reading or applying make-up easier. If you’re short on space for lamps, opt for wall-hung versions instead.

Accent lighting, used to highlight dark areas or features, can create atmosphere and help to banish any dark corners often found in loft bedrooms. 

Loft bedroom with cosy bed with rattan lamp sahde and lost of cushions and blankets
Loft bedroom design by Fiona Duke Interiors.

How to style your loft bedroom

With your loft bedroom built, now comes the challenge of decorating it. What are the best colours to use, I hear you ask? “Many lofts are filled with awkward corners and low, sloping ceilings, which means the room can appear cramped,” says Jennifer Porter, designer at Neville Johnson. “We recommend using light, airy and neutral colours on the walls and ceilings as this will help the room seem bigger and brighter.”

Quirky kids bedroom with blue, red and white colour scheme and patterned spotty wallpaper.
Loft bedroom design by Zulufish. Photography: Ben Sage.

You don’t need to stop at paint. Wallpapering sloping walls and low ceiling lines can lend charm and character to what can otherwise feel like a cold or stark space. “Leafy wallpapers are a fantastic choice for attic bedrooms, creating an enchanting and enveloping feel that brings the tranquil atmosphere of the forest canopy into the home,” says Ruth Mottershead, creative director at Little Greene.

Elegant stripes are great for making a low ceiling appear higher and a narrow space seem wider, while wallcoverings that mimic natural materials, such as brick, wood, and fabric, will help add character and texture.

Loft bedroom with built-in wardrobes and tall windows and modern bed frame.
Bespoke built-in wardrobe by Sharps.

Loft conversion storage ideas

Converting the loft inevitably means forgoing valuable storage space, so it’s wise to build some into your new scheme. However, these spaces are notoriously tricky, especially if you’re trying to squeeze in standard bedroom furniture.

Fitted wardrobe companies are ideal to fix this because they offer expert knowledge and technology and can ensure no corner is wasted. Going bespoke will help with any awkward angles, chimney breasts and sloping ceilings to contend with. Bespoke wardrobes and cupboards are perfect for loft bedrooms as they’re digitally designed to match the exact contours of your room, meaning you get more bang for your buck where storage is concerned.

Happy planning!

Dark built-in wardrobes that conrast the rest of the white and bright room.
Minimalist design by Studio Werc. Photography: Chris Snook.

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